A few dozen years ago, a teenager with excess weight and saggy belly was something out of the ordinary. The reasons for this phenomenon was often associated with some disturbance in the metabolism or disease. Today this topic is as relevant as ever, there are many obese people not only adults but also children and adolescents. And the reason is simple – a sedentary lifestyle and passion for "fast" food, i.e. fast food and other products, rich flavors, flavor enhancers and conservatives. What to do in this situation and how to remove belly fat teenage girl?
First and foremost I must say that the girl with such problems in any case can not go on a strict diet. Many developers of such diets only talk about the results that can be achieved through diet, but are silent about the fact that the lost weight may come back again. A tough diet is dangerous for an adult organism, not to mention the adolescent, which still continues to form. A waiver is required for normal functioning products can lead to tragic consequences, such as anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating.
If the weight is very much higher than normal, it is better to consult a doctor, if not, and of particular concern is the stomach, it can be shared with parents to develop a diet aimed at burning fat in this region. To start is to abandon the "chemical" products in favor of natural. Instead of a bag of chips to bring to school with yogurt, instead of a sausage sandwich to eat a sandwich with a steam cutlet, a favorite carbonated beverage to replace a glass of fresh juice. The diet of a teenage girl should be more vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Buns, cakes and pastries to exclude or allow only on special occasions. In the day you should drink approximately 1 liter of fluid, preferably plain water without gas. You need to eat fractionally 4-6 times a day, to sleep and not be nervous on trifles.
It is no secret that today most of my free time teenagers spend at home on the computer. A sedentary lifestyle only exacerbates the above problem, so you need to decide something. To begin to walk down the street before bed, but this may not be enough to remove belly fat. It is necessary to swing a press and do other effective exercises for this muscle group. Parents should help the child, help if needed, but the control is not necessary. Otherwise the child may lose interest in the process and to withdraw into themselves. All your family can enroll in a gym or buy a subscription to the pool, it is important to be a good example. And then the girl will be like father and mother, and try not to let them down.