Advice 1: How to remove belly fat teenager

To remove belly fat teenage girl, it is necessary to revise your diet and make a choice in favor of healthy, natural foods. Enhance motor activity and begin to swing press.
how to remove belly fat teenager
A few dozen years ago, a teenager with excess weight and saggy belly was something out of the ordinary. The reasons for this phenomenon was often associated with some disturbance in the metabolism or disease. Today this topic is as relevant as ever, there are many obese people not only adults but also children and adolescents. And the reason is simple – a sedentary lifestyle and passion for "fast" food, i.e. fast food and other products, rich flavors, flavor enhancers and conservatives. What to do in this situation and how to remove belly fat teenage girl?
First and foremost I must say that the girl with such problems in any case can not go on a strict diet. Many developers of such diets only talk about the results that can be achieved through diet, but are silent about the fact that the lost weight may come back again. A tough diet is dangerous for an adult organism, not to mention the adolescent, which still continues to form. A waiver is required for normal functioning products can lead to tragic consequences, such as anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating.
If the weight is very much higher than normal, it is better to consult a doctor, if not, and of particular concern is the stomach, it can be shared with parents to develop a diet aimed at burning fat in this region. To start is to abandon the "chemical" products in favor of natural. Instead of a bag of chips to bring to school with yogurt, instead of a sausage sandwich to eat a sandwich with a steam cutlet, a favorite carbonated beverage to replace a glass of fresh juice. The diet of a teenage girl should be more vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Buns, cakes and pastries to exclude or allow only on special occasions. In the day you should drink approximately 1 liter of fluid, preferably plain water without gas. You need to eat fractionally 4-6 times a day, to sleep and not be nervous on trifles.
It is no secret that today most of my free time teenagers spend at home on the computer. A sedentary lifestyle only exacerbates the above problem, so you need to decide something. To begin to walk down the street before bed, but this may not be enough to remove belly fat. It is necessary to swing a press and do other effective exercises for this muscle group. Parents should help the child, help if needed, but the control is not necessary. Otherwise the child may lose interest in the process and to withdraw into themselves. All your family can enroll in a gym or buy a subscription to the pool, it is important to be a good example. And then the girl will be like father and mother, and try not to let them down.

Advice 2: How to remove belly fat doing crunches

If we don't use your muscles, then gradually lose them. To keep muscles young and strong, we must constantly exercise them. Daily physical activity force to circulate the blood. Exercise will help you release sweat and detoxify the body. Thus, with the help of physical exercise can not only improve your appearance, but also to cleanse the body through the secretion of the skin.
How to remove belly fat doing crunches
You will need
  • Mat for exercise.
  • Music.
Every girl dreams of a flat tummy. Beautiful pumped up the pressure of proud men. To achieve this, it is necessary to know how to swing a press.Many people complain that daily exercise, but the belly doesn't disappear. In fact, the press is swinging, only it's hidden under a layer of fat. This fat is not supplied with blood, so it is very difficult to remove. It is necessary to swing not only the upper and lower abs, but obliques. If at the same time to perform exercises for all abdominal muscles, you can achieve the desired result.Try to perform exercises in a ventilated room. Music will make you do at a fast pace, which will allow you to burn more fat. Begin to perform exercises with a light load, gradually increasing it. At a voltage of inhale and exhale when relaxing. Start exercise with stretching and then move on to the main part.- Starting position - lying on his back. Bend your legs at the knee, the feet tightly pressed against each other, his hands behind his head. Lift the body to the knees, lifting the shoulder blades off the floor, lower back stays in place.
- Same initial position, only lifting the torso, try to reach elbows to the opposite knees. Repeat the same with the elbow of the other hand.
- Same initial position, only the knees spread at shoulder width. Lift the body completely forward, arms outstretched.
- Initial position - lying on your back, extend hands to the sides palms to the floor. Raise your bent legs up at a right angle. Trying to breath to get the floor, tilt the legs in different directions. On the exhale, lift them to the starting position.
- Initial position - lying on your back, extend hands along a trunk. Lift the pelvis, leaving the lower back in place. Then lift the lower back, leaving the pelvis and the shoulders in place.
- Initial position - lying on back, hands behind head, bend your legs at the knees. Lift the upper and lower part of the body, at the same time trying to get the knees and elbows.
- Initial position - lying on his back, whole body stretched like a rope. The upper torso is twisted to the right, and lower left. Repeat, alternating position.Thus, for training the lower press, it is necessary to perform abdominal exercises leg lifts. For exercise upper abdominals - exercises to lift the torso. And in order to engage the oblique muscles, it is necessary to perform abdominal exercises twist the torso to the side.
You can invent a set of exercises, their variations. For example, hold between your knees plastic bottle, to draw the knees as close as possible to the abdomen and stay in this position for a count of five. To burn fat it is very important breath. You can during the day, doing their business, just to stretch and relax the stomach. When inhaling, you inflate the belly like a balloon and when you exhale - draw.After class, preferably within hours of eating nothing but fruit. You can drink cherry juice. Then body fat will be faster burnt.
After class, eat a fruit.
If during training you feel pain, immediately stop doing the exercises. Before exercising consult your doctor. When back pain abdominal exercises are contraindicated.
Useful advice
Combine exercise with proper nutrition, massage, swimming or showers. The only way you will be able to get rid of belly.

Advice 3: How to remove belly fat, if no fat

Bulging belly most of its owners don't like, and they try to get rid of it in all possible ways. It not only creates a variety of problems, starting with choosing the suitable clothes, which could hide this deficiency, but health can affect not particularly pleasant way.
How to remove belly fat, if no fat
If the formed stomach excess fat, it looks not very nice. Wishing to acquire a beautiful figure to start actions to get rid of bulging belly suggest most often with weight loss or strenuous exercise. It is suitable for those who have a bulging stomach because of the fat. But there is another group of citizens who have fat seemed to be missing, and the figure leaves much to be desired.

Why is formed a bulging belly

In most cases, trouble with the figure in the abdominal region – not a consequence of overeating and poor lifestyle. For example, if you have a day to not have the opportunity to eat in peace, but in the evening eat to satiety, the stomach stretches, and with it is stretched and the abdominal wall. About the same happens with beer lovers. Stretched abdominal wall is not removed, herded excess fat.

Sitting position also not good for the beauty of the abdomen. Muscle, represents the abdominal wall, in this position, relaxed, and pressure of the organs on the inside does not interfere. Therefore, the bench press here a little than will help – it is above the abdominal wall and just takes its shape. The cubes that you pump in the result of overexertion, are located just on this bulge.

How to remove the distended belly

To get a beautiful figure without the bulging belly, you need to reexamine your lifestyle. The main tasks here will be the organization of proper nutrition and regular exercises, which will help to get rid of residual fat.

It is imperative to adjust your diet – a proper diet will directly depend on the efficiency and speed of problem solution. If the stomach sticks out, not very much, enough to exclude from the diet of fatty food, and dinner is best with a Cup of yogurt or an Apple.

As for exercise, you merely swing the press will not be enough. For the impact on the abdomen and waist should be to train the muscles of the whole body. The more diverse the exercises you will include in your daily workout, the faster you will gain a tight stomach. For example, good help is exercise: lie on back, raise legs, thirty degrees upwards and hold in this position for as long as I can.

From the same position, lift up your head and shoulders, holding the pose as much as you can. Do difficult jumps – focusing on hands, feet recoil ago. Well-matched sports program will have an impact on the whole body, and it helps to give your muscles a fortress and get a beautiful figure.

Advice 4: How to remove belly fat in 1 day

Summer is the time to wear bathing suits, short tops, open and bodycon dresses. But sometimes protruding stomach spoils the entire look. Keep walking with drawn belly impossible. But fortunately, there are ways to get rid of the abdomen for 1 day.
How to remove belly fat in 1 day

In some cases, you can quickly remove belly fat

Not always the reason for protruding belly are weight. Of course, if the woman weighs about 100 kg, her belly is likely to be large: it is the body fat. To get rid of such a belly is possible only with total weight loss and restore the elasticity of the skin and muscles.

But it also happens that the weight is only slightly higher than normal, and the stomach still sticks out noticeably. This is often due to weakness of the anterior abdominal wall muscles (the press), as well as malnutrition. We are not talking about excessive caloric intake, and the use of so-called gas-forming foods that cause flatulence and visually enlarge the stomach. Press for a short period of time the pump is impossible and the spanx and corsets are not suitable for any clothes. In this case, a special diet is just what you need to remove the belly for a day.

What to do to quickly remove belly fat

So if stock is two nights and the day between them is very good. The evening begins training, the essence of which is to avoid food 3-4 hours before bedtime, and taking a light vegetable laxative. Better if it is safe laxative on the basis of dried fruit and Senna extract, which is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Then the whole day goes on diet – 5 meals every 2-3 hours, the last of them 3 hours before bedtime. At night, to consolidate the effect, another portion of the same a laxative. And in the morning you can admire your belly: it will be almost invisible.

Diet for quick weight loss stomach

To begin with choose their "diet meals", which should be eaten throughout the day. It is desirable to prepare in advance and distribute in 5 receptions: every meal will consist of liquid (1 Cup for 1 admission) and a small amount of protein (half your palm). What can fluids? Tea, coffee (without sugar), lean meat or chicken broths, vegetable broths, tomato juice, fat-free yogurt. Of protein products, egg, low fat cottage cheese, low-fat meat or fish, chicken breast (of course, frying anything – just boil or bake without oil). You can combine at their discretion, but the logic should not be forgotten: for example, cottage cheese is better to drink yogurt, and a piece of fish – tomato juice, not Vice versa. In between meals you should drink clean water.

No vegetables, fruit and bread should not eat, otherwise fermentation and flatulence in the intestine is guaranteed. If dairy products (cheese, yogurt) cause similar problems, they also have to be deleted.

If you still have doubts about whether to remove belly fat per day, you should definitely try out this technique. Day diet is easily tolerated does not require special training, costs, time and effort, and most importantly not harmful to health.

Advice 5: What does it mean when my stomach hurts, a time of the month

If the required days stomach hurts, but menstruation does not come, the woman should be diagnosed. Such pain is not necessarily associated with serious pathology, but to a gynecologist. This is exactly the case when it is better to be safe than to let things drift.
What does it mean when my stomach hurts, a time of the month
Ovulatory pain

This is the most harmless of what you can have, when the stomach hurts, and my period did not come. Regularly experiencing this kind of pain every fifth woman. Starts, ovulatory pain, usually in the lower abdomen two weeks before the onset of menstruation. Can also be disturbed during establishment of the cycle in adolescent girls, and then not to remind yourself your whole life. Maybe it is just the opposite: until the cycle is established, pain is not the case, but as soon as the menstrual schedule better, so painful sensations arise every month. In any case, ovulatory pain is not pathology, and gynecologists in these cases reflect the peculiarities of the female body. However, in order to exclude other diseases still does not prevent to visit a dentist regularly.

When the stomach hurts, and my period does not come, it is possible that the woman in the position. In this case, the pain similar to those that happen during menstruation, indicate an increased tone of the uterus. You need to take a pregnancy test and if the result is positive, you should immediately consult a doctor, because the strong tone of the uterus can cause spontaneous abortion.
Ectopic pregnancy

Woman suffering from a long pulling pain on the right or left lower abdomen, and monthly do not come. Pain can alternate pain relieving weak pages. But pain can wear and the constant "aching" in nature. Often these symptoms are added dizziness, nausea, a woman for a short time loses consciousness. Pain occurring in the abdomen, may go into the area of the rectum and cause pain there. If a woman weakens the eyes, you should immediately call an ambulance, in this case, he who hesitates is lost, as when tubal rupture occurs, internal bleeding, and then each minute counts. Ectopic pregnancy treatment – only surgical!
Acyclic pain

Stomach hurts that much, not really, but menstruation does not occur – it often happens when the so-called acyclic pain that are not always associated with menstruation. They can occur because of endometriosis, adhesions, syndrome of stagnation in the pelvis, varicose veins of the pelvis. Acyclic pain can cause cystitis, osteoarthritis, kidney stones, colitis etc abdominal pain in women can indicate gynecological diseases. Therefore, when a periodic or regular presence of pain must consult a doctor and find out the cause.
Useful advice
If the stomach ache and periods never started and the pregnancy test gave a negative result, the trip to the clinic is inevitable. The doctor will give direction to the U.S. for tests and will examine, exclude neoplastic processes.
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