One of the best ointments for herpes is considered to be "Zovirax". It prevents and quickly eliminate the outbreak on the lips, genitals and eyes. Strictly applied topically. When you defeat the eye appoint 3% "Zovirax". Strip of ointment lay in the conjunctival 10 mm five times a day. The treatment is in combination with other drugs that restore the immune system. In herpetic lesions of the mucous membranes of the genital organs and of the skin using 5% cream "Zovirax". After application of the drug restored the integrity of the mucous membrane, are itching and burning. This same cream can be used in gubna herpes. "Zovirax" removes unpleasant tingling and quickly turns the bubble in the crust. Cream is contraindicated for use when lesions of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Manufacturer of the drug is an English company "GlaxoSmithKlein", the cost of the cream varies from 175 R., Masi, 285 R.
The best means of domestic production herpes "Acyclovir". It prevents new rashes, reduces the likelihood of complications on the skin and further spread to the internal organs. "Acyclovir" accelerates the formation of crusts and pain medication in the acute phase of herpes zoster. Tablets and freshly prepared solutions of the drug is used patients with a poor immune system herpes of the skin and mucous membranes. Eye ointment applied at the keratitis caused by the herpes. Cream used for rashes in the lips and in the mucous membrane of the genital organs. The cost of pills "Acyclovir" - 25 R., Masi, 15 p., cream — 50 p.
"Cyclovir" - a great tool for the therapy of herpes. Manufacturer is an Indian pharmaceutical company. Available in the form of tablets, ointments and cream. In addition to the use in herpes infections and their prevention, "Cyclovir" is prescribed in the treatment of HIV infection and in patients who have undergone transplantation of bone marrow. Contraindicated use of the drug for newborns, pregnant women and mothers during breastfeeding. The price of the drug starts from 20 p.
Recently appeared on the market and proved its effectiveness the gel of plant origin "Panavir". When using the gel the herpes virus dies, and ulcers heal quickly without leaving marks and scars. The drug does not cause side effects and addiction to its components.