You will need
  • - "Acyclovir";
  • - "Zovirax";
  • "Aciherpin";
  • - "Bonafton" ;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • fresh or dry mint;
  • - aloe Vera juice or garlic and onions.
Many have noticed that is a bit of hypothermia, as immediately appears a painful swelling on the lip, the next day is already vesicles with watery contents. When the bubbles burst, there is a sore, prolonged healing and even bleeding if you accidentally rip off the crust. It's herpes, it is caused by a virus which is very contagious, so carriers of herpes are many people. But its negative impact on the body's suppressed immune system, and it's worth it to weaken, as the appearance of the common cold on the lip is not long in coming.
Of course, I want to cure cold sore on the lip fast. It is not only painful but also ugly to have this sore on my face. But one day cure the common cold will not work, as it did not want, although if you start to deal with herpes immediately after the appearance of pain on the lip, you can not let it evolve until it bubbles and further inflammation.
Quickly cure the common cold on the lips will help pills "Acyclovir". They need to drink every 4 hours, as soon as an unpleasant sensation on the lip, and at the same time to lubricate the sore spot protivogrippoznoj ointment. It's "Zovirax", "Aciherpin", "Bonafton", etc.
In addition to the medications for herpes you can try to treat a cold sore on the lip of folk remedies. They do not hurt, but in combination with medicines to stop the development of inflammation within a couple days. For example, lubricate the lip crud Apple cider vinegar - it is for the herpes virus destructive.
Quickly cure the common cold on the lips during summer, help lotions from fresh mint leaves. Tear the leaf, rinse it with boiling water, cool to a comfortable temperature and apply on the place where appeared a cold. If you get sick in the winter, steep 1 tbsp of dry mint Cup of boiling water, infusion of strain and make lotions with a cotton disks.
To cure a cold on lips at home will help aloe Vera juice or garlic and onions. Lubricate the affected by the herpes place. Will burn, you need a little patience.