You will need
  • Acyclovir ointment, antiviral drugs, fir oil, propolis tincture, Kalanchoe juice, valocordin, Cologne, salt, sea buckthorn oil, almond oil, oil almond tree, aloe juice.
One of the most effective ways of treatment of herpes on lips is considered to be the acyclovir ointment. This specific antiviral drug that could relieve you from the sores. Before applying it should lubricate the wound with antiseptic alcohol. If the prevalence of herpes is extensive, it is necessary to Supplement the treatment of tonic remedies and drugs that stimulate the immune system.
Will help to get rid of herpes and fir oil. Once you feel that you have a wound, lubricate it with oil every 2 hours. Sometimes when applied you will feel a burning sensation but it will pass quickly.
Another tool that you can quickly get rid of the herpes cauterization with tincture of propolis. Just remember ten minutes later to the scene of the burning, apply soothing cream.
Well dries and cures herpes on the lips the fresh juice of Kalanchoe, Cologne and even valokordin. Moisten a cotton disk in one of these funds and apply to the affected area. The wound should dry up and heal much faster.
Effective against herpes and ordinary salt. Yes, it will help to speed up the healing process and will not allow the wound to increase in size. So just take a grain of fine salt and apply it several times a day to the wound.
Copes with herpes or sea buckthorn, almond oil, tea tree oil or fresh aloe juice.
There are many methods of treating herpes folk remedies. So, apply to the sores hot teaspoon. This method greatly speeds up healing. Another ancient remedy - film from the egg shell. Tape the affected area for a few minutes.
There is a belief that herpes is best to cauterize iodine, "green paint" or alcohol. In any case, don't do it. So you will not get rid of herpes, but the burn of the mucosa itself, will provide.