Advice 1: What is the complex nature of

Probably, you have heard how some people gave this response – "complicated" or "difficult" character. Hearing this, even not knowing any of the examples, all understand what that means. Such a man is difficult and hard to communicate uncomfortable with it, because it is difficult to predict his thoughts and actions. Very often, this character is a manifestation of mental disorders and nervous disorders.
What is the complex nature of

Complex - this is a medical problem

The notorious "awkward age" are also characterized by a change in the nature of a teenager is not the best. During this period, most of them are this character - is complex and difficult. But when hormonal changes ends, a guy or a girl again are quite adequate, and the epithets that describe their surrounding, not include these definitions. Hormonal changes, cause climacteric changes are also often accompanied by changes in behavior and deterioration of nature. But that all the phenomena of the temporary order. There are people whose nature is to others "complex" throughout life.
People with a complex character, as a rule, possess a strong energy, creativity and ability to make unconventional decisions, which in some cases makes them good workers.

This behavior is psychopathic disorder and most often it is a hereditary disease and some of the parents of this person also had a difficult character. The child, who from childhood have regarded these manifestations for granted, also doesn't learn to control yourself emotionally. But this problem is not only educational, but also medical. Neurologists say that difficult – a consequence of a slight dysfunction of the brain. The average person in cortex have special mirror neurons that help him to understand the feelings of the people around him and predict their behavior and response. The result is easily predicted that it will be nice to others, and that can hurt them. According to one medical theories, people with a difficult character, and, simply, psychopaths have a lack of mirror neurons, especially in the frontal lobes of the brain.
Take the complex nature of partner as a given and do not attempt to alter it, just keep this in mind in everyday life.

Manifestations of the complex nature

The inability and unwillingness to understand other people's feelings makes the owners of the complex nature of sociopaths, they do not constrain the accepted norms of behaviour. So they think that they can afford anything: to transgress the moral principles, have tantrums in public and not to control the fits of anger or irritation. They can create a scandal in the family or at work because of some nonsense and then, when the others freaked out and drink "Corvalol" genuinely surprised – what they said or did? From a man with a complex character is difficult to expect sympathy, moving to his goal, he does not recognize moral barriers, so you shouldn't expect him adequate, from your point of view, behavior.

Advice 2 : That means a heavy character

"Difficult character" in medicine – psychosis. Inherited. Not corrected by education, a lot depends on the social environment. Manifests itself in an abnormally strong expression of certain traits.

Blame nature

Severe – are not the result of bad parenting or childhood, as many believe, is heredity. If your offspring was passed on to "bad blood" great-grandfather, skipper, humble. To break and remake his character is useless. It is better to teach the child some restraint in behavior and develop talent. Certainly, his nature is not cheated.

Among people with the character of many highly gifted: academician I. P. Pavlov, the composer Beethoven, writers F. M. Dostoevsky, N. In.Gogol... Descendants are only interested in the creations of genius. And the burden of their personal flaws are relatives and friends.

Together not fun

To have a child Prodigy much nicer than the bully, which with age turns into a difficult teenager, and then he grows up to be obnoxious. For example, a notorious brawler, a gossip or a complainer. Such colleagues easily discourage the desire to go to work.

Be the first to stir that up for any reason, even small things. He has one desire – to shout. In the face the second you will find a "best friend". He would love to hear the stories of your family quarrels, unflattering remarks about colleagues and superiors will understand, comfort you. And will make you an eternal subject of gossip. The third will be no end of whining and complaining, causing sympathy. And you meekly work for two, to linger in the evenings while the appellant is engaged in his business.

Defect or diagnosis

In medicine congenital severe called psychopathy. It has certain characteristics: varies little throughout life, the same manifests everywhere and in all circumstances. And finally, a psychopath and his entourage constantly overcome life's problems.

Difficult to communicate with such a person: some aspects of his character are expressed so badly that differ significantly from the norm. For example, extremely timid and shy among colleagues, he can tyrannize his family, constant outbursts of anger and irritation from minor injuries. Or obsessed with their work, ready to sweep away all in its path, aggressive, vengeful, prone to crimes. From such determination, the environment suffers.

Sometimes changes in nature are caused by chronic diseases that violate the normal functioning of the hormonal system. In this case, will help of adequate treatment, care and understanding of loved ones.

Advice 3 : What does the complex nature of

Often people say that he had a difficult character. While such a description is not always characterize evil and terrible person. It is known that senior positions are often people who have a difficult character, according to others.
an evil man

What is the complex nature of

The complex nature is a rather broad concept that may include a number of personality flaws, or Vice versa - benefits, it's hard to be accepted by surrounding people. For example, first you need to imagine a man with a complex character and then parse it in pieces. The fact that the complex nature is our assessment of a person, he may feel great in your body. It is difficult to find a common language, or about anything agree. Simple person and always easy to decide, since his emotions are always visible, so there is a feeling that the conversation goes as if you know your interlocutor for 100 years.

Powerful man – a complicated man

Complex, as a rule, people power, reasonable. They have an unwavering point of view and they can not be persuaded. Also, a man with a difficult character may be afraid of criticism or negative evaluation, because it is too violent. You don't know how to react to such behavior. Strong people are often called complex, since their behavior is impossible to predict and their thought process has solid foundations.

What constitutes a "complex character"

So, the complexity is a quality that we can't change or can't explain. Human behavior for us is heavy. Among these people emit a strong and authoritative personalities, has its own rules, policies, and solid ground under my feet. These qualities can be called positive, so complex in nature – is not a sentence but just a different point of view on the world.

The reverse side of a complex man

But there's also a negative definition of a person with a difficult character. For example, excessive sensitivity, moods. Everything should be exactly as he said! It is, as a rule, the gaps in education. People got used to the fact that all around create the conditions for a better life. Here it is necessary to work over itself and to realize its desires independently, without requiring anything from others. After all, everyone in this world works for himself.
Excessive sensitivity is a kind of method of manipulation. Through the mad, crazy man gets what he wants. And so can last for years. You can continue to live and to complain about the fact that the human complex, however, it is best to help him overcome his weaknesses. Thereby improve not only yourself, but everyone around me.

What to do if you have a complex character?

If a heavy character you have, then think about how that may create difficulties to others and if these qualities are negative, try to improve!
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