What is the complex nature of

The complex nature is a rather broad concept that may include a number of personality flaws, or Vice versa - benefits, it's hard to be accepted by surrounding people. For example, first you need to imagine a man with a complex character and then parse it in pieces. The fact that the complex nature is our assessment of a person, he may feel great in your body. It is difficult to find a common language, or about anything agree. Simple person and always easy to decide, since his emotions are always visible, so there is a feeling that the conversation goes as if you know your interlocutor for 100 years.

Powerful man – a complicated man

Complex, as a rule, people power, reasonable. They have an unwavering point of view and they can not be persuaded. Also, a man with a difficult character may be afraid of criticism or negative evaluation, because it is too violent. You don't know how to react to such behavior. Strong people are often called complex, since their behavior is impossible to predict and their thought process has solid foundations.

What constitutes a "complex character"

So, the complexity is a quality that we can't change or can't explain. Human behavior for us is heavy. Among these people emit a strong and authoritative personalities, has its own rules, policies, and solid ground under my feet. These qualities can be called positive, so complex in nature – is not a sentence but just a different point of view on the world.

The reverse side of a complex man

But there's also a negative definition of a person with a difficult character. For example, excessive sensitivity, moods. Everything should be exactly as he said! It is, as a rule, the gaps in education. People got used to the fact that all around create the conditions for a better life. Here it is necessary to work over itself and to realize its desires independently, without requiring anything from others. After all, everyone in this world works for himself.
Excessive sensitivity is a kind of method of manipulation. Through the mad, crazy man gets what he wants. And so can last for years. You can continue to live and to complain about the fact that the human complex, however, it is best to help him overcome his weaknesses. Thereby improve not only yourself, but everyone around me.

What to do if you have a complex character?

If a heavy character you have, then think about how that may create difficulties to others and if these qualities are negative, try to improve!