If you type in search engines "prices for apartments in Moscow", there will be many links to the websites of real estate agencies. These sites are useful, because they often contain surveys the average prices of apartments by districts of Moscow, which you can learn the approximate prices for different types of apartments. Our regular Association with the prices for apartments in Moscow - "expensive". Expensive, sure, but how much exactly?
If you use a map that shows apartment prices in the Moscow region on the website of real estate Agency "MIEL" (link, we can see that the cheapest apartment in Moscow can be purchased in the Southeast district where the price per square meter is about 130-150 thousand rubles. In other areas, with the exception of the centre, West and North-West prices per meter in the range of 150-170 thousand rubles. On this website you can see ready offers on sale: for example, one-bedroom apartment near the metro station Baumanskaya is available for 8.3 million rubles. After examination of the proposals will be easier to navigate exactly how much money you must earn to buy an apartment in Moscow.
For those who work in a stable company, the best option is to get a mortgage. The websites of many real estate agencies there are mortgage calculators - you just need to choose an apartment and calculate the monthly payment. Banks give a mortgage loan at a different interest - from 9% to 24%. It is necessary to consider when choosing a Bank. The interest rate depends on the monthly payment. The smallest monthly payment on the mortgage starts from 25 thousand rubles per month. This payment, of course, possible, if you have decided to buy a Studio apartment on the outskirts of town in a pretty old house. To remove this apartment will be only a little less - about 22 thousand roubles. So the benefits are obvious.
The algorithm of finding and buying apartments with mortgages is that you need to contact the estate Agency to choose an apartment, make a request, and the Agency will select the banks, which theoretically are willing to give a mortgage for an apartment. You need to give the necessary documents to the banks (better in several), and within a few days they will make a decision on granting a mortgage loan. Then you can select the best offer, calculate down payment and monthly payments. The contract is for 5, 10 or 15 years. The minimum down payment is usually 15-30% of the price.
If you have a stable salary, then earn an apartment in Moscow you will be able mortgage payments is still not as high. If your home is also work, then the burden of payment will be even easier. The largest challenge for all is usually the first installment - how to find about 2 million rubles from? First, some banks offer mortgages without down payment, but monthly payments are higher because they have high interest rate. For those who have a stable and high salary, is the best option. Second, if you review your expenses, it is possible to set aside each month a certain amount of money. Of course, in order to save 2 million, it may take several years, but still own apartment in Moscow is worth it. Many complain that they never have enough money, even if they have quite high salaries. But if you look at their spending, it becomes clear why money is not always enough - many of us just don't know how to save, do not even know the most common ways of saving money, which is successfully used, for example, Europeans. Is to buy products in the wholesale store once a week, the use of "burning" tours while on holiday, finally, a simple habit to pay off the card and carry less cash is to not be tempted to immediately spend it on something unnecessary, but all of a sudden attracted to. This approach requires discipline, but it's worth a try - after all, eliminating unnecessary detail possible in the future to get something important for themselves and their families.
And the last time you had a raise? The decision on purchase of the apartment will certainly make you think about the acceleration of career growth or perhaps change jobs. Mortgage is a new obligation, and this has a positive trait. Many of us take loans only as a bondage, but it's not quite right: the need to always have a certain (and quite large) amount of money forces you to be more ambitious and persistent to strive for more. For example, if the monthly payment on the apartment that you like, is in the region of 40 thousand rubles, and your salary is 55 thousand rubles, the next rung on the career ladder certainly increase your salary so that you with some everyday saving to afford to pay the 40 thousand roubles on the loan. The higher will be the position and salary, the easier it will be to pay. And you will live in your apartment when your friends, in the pleasure of drifting will still be living with relatives or near Moscow.