View all vacancies which are placed in the media and on the Internet. It is likely that at this point at some company has a demand for a specialist of your profile and experience. Talk with friends, especially those who work in large enterprises, there is a natural process of staff turnover associated with the retirement, permanent.
Contact a good recruitment Agency. Reputable recruiting firms that have long-term contacts with employers, don't take money from job seekers – search they are paid employees of the enterprise. Some of them spetsializiruyutsya on the selection of certain professions.
Write a good summary, which primarily draw the attention of the employer. This is your real chance to quickly get a job. It should be succinct, no "water" and irrelevant facts. If you are applying for a particular position, give it more attention to those professional skills that will be in demand in the workplace.
Prepare for the interview. Dress to your whole appearance gave the impression of seriousness and reliability. Arrive at the interview on time. At the interview, demonstrate belief in yourself and in your capabilities. Upon entering the office, sit down on the offered chair in a relaxed posture, speak confidently, and try to just directly answer the questions. If the question took you by surprise, do not panic, quietly consider the answer. Do not interrupt the interlocutor, wait until the end of the question, then start talking.