If you are unemployed and need money urgently, you will help the sites for employment. In search specify what you're looking for temporary, project work or part-time employment. A list of vacancies. Most likely, it will be the position of promoters, couriers, merchandisers, vendors, ads and Newspapers, etc. Is just what you need. All these works are paid on a daily or upon completion of the task. Therefore, by performing a certain order, you will immediately receive the money.
If the place of service you have, but money is not enough, looking for a part time job. Think about what you are able to do so well that it can be paid. If you are a designer - take additional orders from third parties. A journalist or copywriter to write texts for online publications and popular magazines. Attorney - advise customers on house, etc.
Even without any skills, you can quickly find a part time job. Contact the Agency recruitment of domestic staff. There may not always looking for qualified and responsible staff to work as cleaners or caretakers in private homes. In addition, might get a job as a dog Walker. This profession requires no special skills except the love of animals. And to walk with them in the morning and evening - just before and after the main work.
If you have a car, buy a license to private carting. It will pay for itself very quickly. The money you receive immediately, devesa the client to the specified location. This part can also be combined with the main activity.