Treatment of heartburn in pregnancy has its own characteristics. In particular, it is impossible to use systemic medications (tablets, active substances which are absorbed into the blood). These include: "Omeprazole", "Ranitidine", "Famotidine". These medications can adversely affect the fetus. In the later stages, in addition to the use of funds from heartburn, you need to avoid pressure on the stomach to trigger reflux into the esophagus of gastric juice through the advanced sphincter.
Pregnancy heartburn can be taken the drug of local action - antacids. They do not have damaging effects on the fetus, because it is not absorbed into the blood. The mechanism of action of these drugs is to neutralize the hydrochloric acid, forming a salt and water. The active substance of antacids is aluminum hydroxide. Such drugs include: "Fosfalyugel", "Almagel" "Maalox", "Augustin".
"Fosfalyugel" has the properties of a sorbent, it is effective in the first trimester, because in addition to heartburn, reduces nausea, vomiting. The drug acts only in the lumen of the stomach and intestines. "Fosfalyugel" take one packet. If after 20 minutes after taking the unpleasant symptoms have passed, you need to take another bag. "Almagel" has properties similar to the "aluminium phosphate gel", but he did not have a sorbent effect. Drug taking 1-2 tsp, you need to pre-shake the bottle sapentia.
"Maalox" reduces the acidity of gastric juice, reduces the feeling of pain and burning sensation in the chest. The preparation should take 15 ml (1 tbsp or 1 sachet) or 1-2 tablets. Tablets to chew or hold in mouth until dissolved. The bottle with suspension, you must shake the bag to thoroughly stretch your fingers. "Augustin", has enveloping and astringent, it forms a protective film on the mucous membrane of the stomach, esophagus in areas of inflammation, erosion. Its active substance is carburet. Drug taking 1-2 teaspoons, 1 to 2 lozenges, or 1-2 bag.
Heartburn during pregnancy can be applied to chewable tablets "Rennie". Active ingredients of the drug are calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxycarbonate. When symptoms occur, you should chew 1-2 tablets funds or hold them in your mouth until complete dissolution. If necessary, the drug can be repeated after 2 hours the Maximum daily amount is 11 pills. Baking soda for heartburn in pregnant women is not recommended because it irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach and esophagus. In the neutralization of hydrochloric acid with baking soda produces carbon dioxide, it stretches the stomach, relaxes cardiac sphincter, thereby contributing to the development of gastro-esophageal reflux.