The most popular and safe drugs for heartburn are antacids drugs that neutralize the hydrochloric acid. You can find lots of medicines of this group. On the body they act the same and differ only in the manufacturer, name and price. Such drugs include: "Almagell", "Gastal", "Maalox", "Castrated", "aluminium phosphate gel", "Rennie", "Rotated", "Testid". They are sold without medical prescription. Antacids is recommended to drink at short and irregular heartburn, not accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms and discomfort in the abdomen. Do not take them for prophylactic purposes.
Disadvantages of antacids are: short-term effect (no more than two hours) and the appearance of side effects (constipation or diarrhea). These drugs do not cure the cause of heartburn and do not protect against repeated attacks. Frequent and prolonged use of antacids can cause disorders of mineral metabolism. During pregnancy they can drink only in extreme cases, they are also contraindicated in children up to 6 years. It should take into account the fact that antacids have an impact on the effectiveness of other medications.
Heartburn is also used antisecretory drugs that reduce the production of hydrochloric acid (proton pump inhibitors). These include: "Omeprazole", "Omez", "Losec", "Octanol", "Ultop", "Gastrozol", "Omitex", "Esomeprazole", "Nexium". These medications can be drunk only by prescription in the case of antacids and diet do not lead to a decrease in the frequency and intensity of heartburn. Proton pump inhibitors are longer than antacids. With regular admission they prevent relapses of unpleasant symptoms. The disadvantages of these means are more serious side effects. Antisecretory drugs should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation.
Heartburn can be used blockers of histamine H2 receptors, which have an antiulcer action, inhibit acid secretion and reduce the volume of gastric juice. These include: "Ranitidine", "Gisteq", "Ranian", "Zantac", "Famotidine". These drugs are taken only on prescription. For getting rid of heartburn, you can take the drug from the group of stimulators of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract (the"Domperidone", "Motilal", "Motilium"). Such medicines do not affect the acidity of the stomach contents, however they help to reduce the symptoms of reflux and have antiemetic effect.