This anti-acid drug as "Rennie", has a number of advantages. This drug is really suitable for use during pregnancy. The fact is that the antacid does not include aluminum. "Rennie" has no negative impact on the body of the expectant mother and baby, eliminating heartburn.

Why "Rennie" is recommended during pregnancy

"Rennie" includes magnesium carbonate and calcium, the drug, neutralizing acid in the stomach, enters the bloodstream. It is not absorbed in the mucosa and breaks down into salts of calcium and magnesium that already has important value for women in the state. It is worth noting that the "Rennie" is excreted in the feces and urine, and the relief condition occurs in the first few minutes of the reception facilities.
Prolonged use of "Rennie" is impossible when the threat is anemia in pregnant women.

Pills "Renny" approach not only to eliminate heartburn, your doctor may prescribe this drug with increased flatulence, nausea. Tablets should be taken at the first sign of burning, and when you heartburn attacks is allowed to take the remedy repeatedly. The maximum dose is 16 tablets a day, the interval between administration of one tablet and the other must be at least an hour.

The drug "Rennie" is a clear indication of its reception is permitted after the second month of pregnancy. Due to the fact that the antacid falls into the mother's blood, he can not adversely affect development of the fetus. But, of course, when taking the medicine one should remember about possible side effects.

Side effects "Rennie"

The drug from heartburn is not suitable for those who have individual intolerance to the components of the tool. It is also possible to experience an allergic reaction, so at first use means necessary to control the absence or presence of a rash, runny nose, fever, etc.

Pregnant women do not exceed recommended dose "Rennie" to prevent overdose. It can be expressed in nausea, weakness in the muscles, vomiting. Contraindication to any medication is kidney disease. In fact this drug is excreted in the urine.
Although the drug is known and relatively safe, for heartburn you can also try to get rid of folk remedies – intake of glass of warm milk, and mineral water.

To take a "Rennie" is enough to dissolve one or two pills. To take them is required. Special attention to pregnant women should pay your state when iron supplementation is an antacid reduces the extent of absorption. Best before use "Rennie" to consult the attending physician.