You will need
  • - defended soft water;
  • - a clean container;
  • - ladle;
  • - scraper.
It is believed that a small aquarium is easier to care for than large. However, this is the first misconception of inexperienced aquarists. It requires more frequent water changes, as more accumulate decomposition products of the waste products of fish. Besides the intensive growth of plants can deliver a lot of trouble.
The water in the small tank is completely should not change. It is sufficient to replace up to 1/5 of the total volume. This should be done quite often — once in 3-4 days.
Water replacement should only be soft, at room temperature, so you must have a constant supply. Draw water from the tap only in a clean container, which should only be used for this purpose. Defend the liquid is necessary for at least three days.
To replace the water in a small aquarium is not difficult. Calculate the required number for replacement. For example, in an aquarium with a capacity of 10 liters need to change the 2 liters (1/5 of the total volume).
A special ladle with a long handle scoop out the needed amount of water. Clean by scraping the walls of the tank and fill with fresh soft water. Then dial in a clean container of water and leave it to stand until the next procedure.
The water in miniaturised evaporates very quickly. Regularly check the level and refill if necessary.
Completely change the water in the aquarium should as seldom as possible, because it disturbs the biological balance. However, this should be done once a year to repot plants and clean the walls of the tank and the filter.
To replace the water completely, remove the fish and place them in a jar for a while. Drain the fluid with a hose. Remove excess algae. Clean rocks and aquarium walls.
Then pour over pooled water. Add bacteria and allow the aquarium to stand for a couple of days, and then start to fish.