You will need
  • lake;
  • - 2 clean buckets;
  • - 2 m aquarium hose or protocetidae;
  • - a towel.
If you just purchased an aquarium, planted aquatic plants and launched his fish, change the water in it is not within the first two months. At this time, the environment is not stable and intervene in the formation of climate is not necessary.
After a couple of months you can begin to replace the water. Experienced aquarists suggest that as little as possible to resort to full replacement of water in the tank, but to replace a small amount of water, about 20% of the volume of the container to produce at least once a week.
It is necessary to prepare water in advance. Type it in a clean plastic bucket to be used only for the aquarium. While they should not be washed by any cleaning agents as they can adversely affect aquatic life. Let the water stand for a couple of days. During this time, disappear harmful substances such as chlorine. Water will become softer and acquire the optimal room temperature. If necessary, strain the water to remove impurities.
Place clean bucket on the towel. Then pour 1/5 of the water from the aquarium with a hose. Put one end in the tank, then suck a little air through second, through this technique, water will flow into the bucket.
Clean the bottom and walls of the tank of accumulated organic matter on them. For garbage collection use a special trap or protocoldetail. Then pour the settled water through a watering can.
Sometimes the need to replace more water to half the volume of the aquarium. This disrupts the biological balance in the aquarium environment, so this procedure should be performed only in cases of emergency, for example if fish began to etched copper or nitrates. In such a radical substitution of water can be lost some of the plants and fish, but after a week of microflora is restored and you can continue to care for the aquarium, as usual, replacing one fifth of the water every week.
Such a drastic measure, complete replacement of water should be carried out in extreme cases, if the tank starts to bloom rapidly, appears fungal slime, and the water is constantly murky. This usually occurs due to improper care of the tank or upon the entry of dangerous microorganisms.
With the complete replacement of water is necessary to remove all the inhabitants, drain the water completely, remove all plants and decor. Then, all thoroughly washed, newly planted algae, to install the equipment, pour soft water. Start micro-organisms, bacteria and fish. The first water change you will need to start only after 2-3 months.