You will need
  • rehydration means
  • - antipyretic drugs
Children under 6 months are less susceptible to this disease, as in the body of the infant has antibodies received from his mother. To treat rotavirus infection begins immediately after the first symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, increased body temperature. The first start treatment is the intake of rehydration means. Suitable activated carbon, smectite, attapulgite. More effective drugs to fight infection does not exist.
If there is fever, and it often accompanies the disease, the patient give antipyretic drugs.
Because bowel disorders the body loses a lot of water. The patient should drink plenty of liquids, which make up for water losses. Better to drink little by little, but often. With the restoration of water balance of the body perfectly cope medication "Regidron". Age limit is not, well suited even for small children.
Keep a food diet. Food should be easy. Prohibited the use of dairy products until full recovery. Good porridge on the water, kissels and compotes. Usually the body fights the virus, and the disease passes in a few days.
If she got sick with rotavirus infection, isolate him from others and provide personal items: mug, spoon, plate, towel. Quarantine is enforced in two weeks. Even after recovery the patient is still a danger to others.
Be sure to eat only fresh food and purified water. Follow personal hygiene (wash hands, came from the street, after using the toilet, etc.). Rotavirus killed by boiling, but retains its properties when frozen.