To understand all your feelings or not, first you need to learn to differentiate "love" and "love". In the most General sense, love is the desire to make the other person happy. Loving guy or girl will do anything to the object of his sighs was near him happy. To learn how to love, you must know the tastes, preferences, desires and aspirations of the elect. To do this, spend more time with each other, share their experiences, make plans for the future. This will help you get to know a soul mate. Sometimes someone can be heard saying: "I love him because he's smart". It would not sound strange, but you love a person not for something and against all odds. A loving person cannot give a precise answer to the question about what exactly he feels for her chosen. He loves absolutely everything in it: appearance, body type and even character flaws.
Learn to speak with your partner. Share all experiences. And even if something does not suit you, you need to talk about this calmly. It is equally important to learn to listen and hear people. Laugh when you happy, cry when sad. Remember, in any relationship is important sincerity. Any relationship sometimes experience some difficulties. This is usually associated with the beginning of life together, the birth of a child. Of course, time somehow changes people. The main thing in this period not to lose yourself. After all the difficulties and saving your relationship, you will become a real team.
Love is a completely different relation to man. Next to him you feel elated, you want to constantly spend time together, but you have the only desire: all your undertakings, showing care and affection should be exclusively mutual. If there is no reciprocity, it starts breaking, experiences, suffering, and attempts to replace the person you don't need, someone who will more appreciate you and your concern. Love quickly turns on and passes quickly, so these feelings can't be eternal.
If you realize that you are ready to do for man all free, worried about whether he had had it, whether dressed, healthy, and doesn't matter to you, near you or not, you're just worried about his health, are interested in his experiences and was even willing to let go to another person, if only were happy, is the sincere and real love that eventually fails. Yes, if you're not with the object of his adoration, you will be able to start Dating someone, but like you hardly anyone can. Your thoughts will always return to the same member of the opposite sex, but only at the thought that he is alive and well, and he is doing well, you will be calm.