Start looking for a doctor up to 36 weeks of pregnancy, since from this time birth can occur at any time.
Decide based on your financial possibilities and personal preferences, where will you look for a doctor: whether it is an urban hospital or a private clinic.
Gather as much information as possible about the most suitable doctor. Find out about his professional category, socialize with other pregnant women in the hospital, listen to how to speak to patients.
Perform a preliminary acquaintance with the doctor. Watch him, hang out, decide for yourself – is it easy for you with this doctor in psycho-emotional terms, do you trust him as the expert. Pay attention to how the doctor is attentive to you.
If possible, conclude a contract with the doctor, get birthcertificate Oh.
Note the surgical experience of the doctor, if there is a large likelihood that you will experience childbirth with caesarean section. After all, an experienced doctor will not only determine the indications for surgical intervention and involve a qualified anesthesiologist, but will personally conduct the operation.
Tell your doctor only the truth. You must provide complete information about your health, the transferred diseases, used drugs and bad habits.
Follow all recommendations of your doctor. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. For each visit, prepare questions, the answers to which you'd like to hear. If you have doubts about the appointments of your doctor, you should consult with another specialist. Find for childbirth a doctor whose recommendations you will not be alerted.
To Express all of the claims the doctor directly and openly. You should think about changing the attending physician, if you no longer trust him and don't want to follow his instructions and recommendations. Because the relationship between you and your doctor should be based on professionalism and trust.