In the normal course of pregnancy, a woman goes to the maternity ward when he feels a distinct harbingers of the beginning of delivery. But it is not always easy to determine. For example, labor, which is considered a sign of labor can occur during almost the entire pregnancy. However in this case they are irregular and are called training. Therefore, to determine when to initiate delivery based on more complex criteria.It is necessary to focus on the frequency of contractions. They should be regular, at least once in 20 minutes. This means you can calmly, slowly to go to the hospital - even the fastest delivery is rarely less than three to four hours. In that case, if fights occur twice as often, birth is at hand, and you should get to the doctor as soon as possible.Another way to distinguish real contractions from the training - first do not go from no reception protivovetrovyh drugs or of being in a warm bath.However, if the water broke to go to the hospital immediately, regardless of the strength of contractions. Discharge of water means loss of integrity of membranes. If the birth then not come for a long time, doctors stimulate them artificially in order for the child is not in danger of contamination. It should be noted that the waters are not always abundant. Even a small amount of fluid released from the vagina, can be attributed to him and considered a symptom of the onset of imminent childbirth.Also urgently should to go to the hospital in case if there is blood spotting. This may be a symptom as normal labor and disease, so gynecological examination is necessary.If, despite all the descriptions, you still end up not sure what is happening to you, it is better to go to the hospital. If the doctors consider that before you give birth, you'll just come back home. But you'll be relaxed that you and baby are okay.