Advice 1: How long first labor

Aged primiparas women tend to worry about how much time it can last birth. To get rid of anxiety, it is better to speak with your doctor and do not wear down their nerves empty anxieties before childbirth.
How long first labor
The first birth is a long awaited and very exciting event. Primipara a woman is often worried about the outcome is somewhat stronger than is reasonable. Her anxiety and excitement are primarily explained by uncertainty – it is unclear what is necessary to survive. It can end without ask themselves the same questions about behavior in childbirth, their pain, duration. But especially there is nothing to worry about.

How much time can last childbirth

It was also thought that at first childbirth, the period should not last more than 24 hours. Now these terms are considered to be a little different. According to doctors, at the birth of the first child is normal, when birth continue in the period up to 18 hours. The average duration of the first birth 11-12 hours.

It should be borne in mind that the factors which will depend on the duration of labor, can be quite a lot. Almost never turns out exactly to guess how much time will it take for the birth of the baby. Important and age of the pregnant woman, the health of the baby and mother, and the presentation.

The important role played by the psychological state of pregnancy, physiological characteristics, medication, who took the woman, and more.

How to count the time of birth

The total time can be calculated from the moment the fight starts, before the placenta is born. Uncomplicated regular contractions last about 10 hours. The initial phase may be generally invisible to the expectant mother. The next stage will take about an hour – at the end the light will be a child. After that comes the third stage – the duration of the small, hardly more than half an hour. Here mothers almost do not need effort. In most cases the afterbirth comes out with one of the fights that become much easier after the baby is born.

We can assume that the delivery is complete. In some cases, you will need to perform some manipulations. For example, birth could happen lacerations of the perineum – in this case, suturing. And after giving birth opens the bleeding, it will need to stop. The woman on her stomach, put a hot water bottle with ice, some time it will be in the delivery room.

When the first birth occurs within 4-6 hours, they are called quick. When the shorter period is already rapid delivery. With a runtime of over 18 hours is considered a prolonged childbirth. The doctors in this case can decide to stimulate the process with the help of medications or decide the question of caesarean section.

Advice 2 : How long first labor

In anticipation of the first-born woman did not always feel positive emotions. Very often alarmed by the upcoming birth. Expectant mother care when the baby comes, will they be accompanied by severe pain, how long.
How long first labor
How many will last for childbirth is influenced by many factors: the weight of the baby, size of pelvis, maternal age, heredity. An important aspect is the order of birth. In normal povorotami the entire act lasts 10-12 hours, and the birth of a firstborn is even more time - 15 to 20 hours.
Despite the fact that all women want to give birth as quickly as possible, the duration of labor less than 4-6 hours is considered unfavorable.

Natural childbirth

Natural childbirth is a process that consists of three main stages: the opening of the cervix, expulsion of the fetus, the output of the placenta. The disclosure period begins with the establishment of an effective labor - contractions. Sometimes birth begins with premature rupture of membranes, which is considered an unfavorable factor. The beginning of the second period is the full opening of the cervix up to 10-12 cm During this phase, there is a growing contractions, lowering predlagay part of the fetus to the pelvis and the emergence of attempts. The second stage ends with the birth of a child. On the output stage of the placenta from the womb expelled placenta and membranes.

The differences of the first birth

The first birth is different from the next. Subjectively women consider their most difficult and painful. The appearance of the firstborn takes longer mostly due to a longer first stage. Full disclosure of the cervix for the first time takes 13-18 hours, and then 10-11. This happens due to the fact that the first birth under the influence of labor first, there is disclosure of the internal uterine OS, and then the outer. Povorotami both processes run simultaneously.

Many women say that the second time the contractions seem less painful. This may explain the greater susceptibility of the cervix, and psychological readiness mother.

The period of the expulsion in women in the first birth takes 1-2 hours. In that case, if a woman had given birth, this stage is somewhat shorter - about 0.5-1 hour. As for the third stage, the duration of first and subsequent births is not significantly different and ranges from several minutes to 2 hours.

Why first births longer

The first time the efficient labors is not from Central controllers in the brain and receptors in the uterus "study" the right interaction at the time of birth of first child. Accordingly, the second time the body is not "learning", but only "remembers" the necessary arrangements.
The main hormone responsible for labor - oxytocin - is produced in the hypothalamus. Its role is especially significant in the first stage of labor.

The duration of the first birth substantially more for the duration of the stage of disclosure. In addition, the expulsion of the fetus takes more time. The passage of the fetus through the birth canal in the second stage is slower at pervorodyaschih, since the tissues are first subjected to strong tensile and have a strong resistance movement predlagay part.
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