You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the mobile phone.
If your phonebook is dominated by the subscribers of Tele2, then you the most suitable tariff "Blue". It all calls within network will be free. If this fee is not charged. Calls to subscribers of other operators a little more expensive than the universal tariff "Orange".
The rate of "Orange" will suit those who do not have a clear advantage in calls to any operator. At this rate you can not think the caller which network you are calling or sending SMS. It is a universal tariff plan. The cost of all services will be the same for any operator.
The rate of "Yellow" is intended for fans of long conversations. When you call another subscriber of Tele2 user pays for only the first minute of a call, the remaining time will be free.
Other tariff plans Tele2 more specific and intended for a limited circle of users. The rate of "Green" for those who often have to call in other cities and abroad. Such calls are charged at reduced rates compared to other tariff plans from Tele2.
"Purple" is a unlimited plan with a monthly fee. In the package tariff includes unlimited calls within the network, a certain number of minutes to mobile and landlines, a mobile Internet package for free.
"Turquoise" is intended for preferring long conversations. Calls to any operators according to the tariff plan is free from the second minute. The challenges of third-party subscribers have a limit on the duration of the connection. It involves a monthly fee.