When handling patient complaints on health and well-being or at registration during pregnancy doctors in the first place is assigned to the biochemical analysis of blood. The blood biochemistry tells the assistant and the doctor the full story of the human condition, tested. For this analysis, it is possible to know whether a fully healthy person, not whether his body is inflammation. The analysis assesses the state of his metabolism, the functioning of all internal organs.
Biochemical analysis of blood indicates a deficiency of certain vitamins in the human body, says, what is the status of his immune system, hormones.
Assign analysis of blood biochemistry can any practitioner of modern medicine. Most often the answer to their questions, diagnosing disease through the analysis looking for such doctors as gynecologists, endocrinologists, urologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, internists, dermatologists, and many others.
The important fact is that analysis in biochemistry may indicate possible serious disease of humans in the future. That is, long before its acute development. By analyzing the blood biochemistry, you can prevent disease, to know in advance about latent inflammatory diseases within the body.
It is very important to properly prepare for the blood test on biochemistry that the results were not distorted. The analysis is taken from a vein (in the elbow) with a volume of approximately five milliliters of blood. 24 hours before the test will exclude the admission of alcohol. An hour before him – do not smoke. Analysis biochemistry take on an empty stomach, early in the morning. That is, waking up after a night's sleep, you should not eat or drink anything but water. Not allowed no tea, no juice, no chewing gum. Any product eaten at Breakfast or on the way to the clinic, will cause distortion of the data analysis.
Between the last meal, i.e. supper, and analysis of the biochemistry must be at least twelve hours. Also try not to be nervous before giving blood, to eliminate physical exertion, even morning exercises, avoid stress. The willingness of analysis usually occurs within a day or two after delivery.