If you have decided to undergo the examination of the body, the first thing a visit to your doctor or therapist working on your site. He will examine, listen to your breath and will write a referral to other specialists for tests and certain other procedures if you notice any deviations.
After visiting the therapist, hand over analyses of blood and urine. The number of different substances contained in the blood and are excreted from the body in urine, the doctor can judge the condition and working of your internal organs. After the tests can detect such serious diseases as cancer and diabetes, kidney and liver.
To check the status of your lungs by using fluoroscopy. Today, many hospitals in the cities of our country is equipped with the latest equipment, allowing to know the result immediately after the photo is taken.
Visit the office performing EKG, and learn about the state of his heart. Doctors recommend to undergo this procedure regularly, not less often than 1 time per year, since the slightest disruption of the cardiovascular system can lead to terrible consequences. It is therefore very important to detect and to cure.
If you notice that you have a little swelling or a solid education on the body that persist or even increase in size, be sure to visit surgeon. This expert will tell you, is there any danger to your health, and will choose the right treatment. It is not necessary to delay the completion of the inspection and to bring the case before surgery.
Check vision the optometrist or ophthalmologist and be sure to visit your dentist at least every six months. This will help you avoid the serious diseases associated with dysfunction of organs of vision or inflammation in the oral cavity.
Women are also recommended to undergo regular examination by a gynecologist, men – urologist, to check the status of the health of the genital organs.