Why do I need to donate blood, it would seem that such an obvious disease, like a bad cold - many patients are puzzled and think this as personal speculation of the doctor. In fact, in this procedure lies a very deep meaning.

What is a cold

If the doctor offers to take a blood test when the patient supposes himself a common cold, you should not refuse. After all, such a study allows the technician to specify the primary nature of the disease. And it affects the whole treatment plan. After all, to save the health - not the easiest task.
A wrongly chosen treatment plan does not improve the patient's condition. On the contrary, it only delays the time and oil painting. So specifying tests is best done immediately.

Colds in the global plan is 2 types: viral and bacterial. In the first case the agent acts a particular virus, and the second bacteria. The difference in the result at first sight no: the person observed all the symptoms of a cold are headache, fever, runny nose, cough, etc. However, the type of the pathogen is very important in the appointment of treatment. For example, you can get sick from viral influenza, and can pick up bacterial sore throat.

This is due to the fact that viruses are treated with antiviral medications, and bacteria – antibacterial (or antibiotic). If you try to kill the virus with antibiotics, the use of it does not bring, because the viruses to such drugs insensitive. The same thing is happening in an attempt to cure a bacterial disease a remedy against virus.
It is worth remembering that uncontrolled and inappropriate antibiotic can lead to quite serious problems in the body and besides cold have to treat something worse.

Why give blood with a cold

Blood during a cold is a good enough marker. She will show you what you've been infected. After all, each pathogen is characterized by their norm.

In addition, the blood test allows to determine at what stage your process. A strong increase of the white cells will tell the doctor about the existing inflammation. A decrease of closer to the boundaries of the norm would indicate recovery.

In addition, blood can always be understood, is not moved if the viral disease in the bacterial. And this happens quite often, if the person first had the virus on their feet or could not receive adequate treatment. In this situation a blood test will help to create not only a treatment plan and rehabilitation plan.

For statement of the exact diagnosis it is enough to pass a General analysis. However, if people are worried about their health, it can take a full biochemistry and at the same time check all other parameters.

For the result, can not survive. In this case, the analysis is done quickly – within days. If you take it into a private laboratory, and within a few hours. This means that it is better to wait a bit, but to start the right treatment, than to hurry and hurt yourself even more.

Before testing it is better not to drink any medicine, spirits (often used to treat colds in unconventional ways).