Advice 1: Citizenship what country is the easiest to get

Foreign nationality interested in a lot of people. In many cases, the new passport allows you to work, live and receive social security in the selected country. But the procedure and conditions for obtaining citizenship are often very complex and lengthy. With the aim of attracting labour, minds, investment, some countries have simplified the process.

The quick citizenship

Faster and easier to obtain citizenship of Belize and the Caribbean state of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The first country issues a passport in exchange for a contribution to the economic development Fund. If the document you need one, pay should be $44 000. If the citizenship claim, the whole family, investment increases to $59 000. The deadline for receipt of your passport three weeks.

Citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis also issued very quickly: the maximum of a month. However, the investment required is several times larger: from $400,000. The money necessary to purchase housing for themselves and their families. Passport island state allows without a visa to visit all Schengen countries, as well as the UK, Ireland and Canada. It should be noted that the document may be obtained in Moscow.

Investing $240 000, over three years you can get citizenship of Canada. In this case it is like acquiring or renting housing. However, there is one important condition: in Canada, you must spend almost all the time "expectations."

Extensive migration policy are the authorities of Australia. Country openly declares that it is interested in the influx of residents. So Australian citizenship is not tightened in time. Become the owner of the passport in one of several programs: business immigration, regional or independent professional immigration.

Not a problem for citizenship New Zealand. The most popular and easiest method today is immigration through delivery of local education and subsequent employment. In terms of the process takes about 4-5 years. The average cost of tuition is $20 000 – 25 000 new Zealand dollars (over two years).

European citizenship in exchange for money

European citizenship is the easiest to get "invested" in the economy of the three countries: Latvia, Spain, Portugal. The first state has the lowest requirements. For example, if you plan to live in distant from the capital regions, you need to buy a property at least €72 000. In Jurmala or Riga strap is considerably higher: from €140 000.

Residence permit (permit) is issued almost immediately after the purchase of housing. It is provided as property owner and his family. Initial residence permit is valid for five years. After it is extended for an unlimited period. To become a full citizen of Latvia after 10 years. Thus, there is no need for a long stay in the country.

The second European country – Spain. The minimum purchase price here is €160 000. The procedure for obtaining citizenship on terms similar to Latvia. However, in Spain there is a limitation: the residence permit will be valid only if permanent residence in the country for at least 6 months per year.

The lower investment threshold of a third country in Europe whose citizenship is easier to obtain - €500 000. This amount for granting a residence permit established the Portuguese authorities. An important difference is the time: petition for citizenship will be possible after six years of residence.

Advice 2 : What country is easiest to get citizenship

There are many ways to obtain second citizenship. Long-term, but without major investments, short-term, but with a solid investment in the economy of the country. In what country is it easiest to make?
There are countries where citizenship is to simple and not very expensive
You will need
  • - a desire to become a citizen of another country;
  • - knowledge of a foreign language;
  • - good professional training;
  • - time;
  • - money.
Money is the easiest way to obtain citizenship in the Dominican Republic. This is a small but popular tourist country in the Caribbean sea will require the ridiculous (compared to other countries) the amount of investment in the economy – $100000. Invested the money by direct payment to the state. The application is filed, which is examined from six months to 14 months. Stay in the country is not required. At the expiration of the term of consideration of the applicant receives a passport that allows travel without visa to Switzerland, the UK and 50 countries. For a family with two minor children the sum of investments will amount to $200000. For each other family member will have to pay $50000.
In a small country of the New world Saint Kitts and Nevis located on the Caribbean, the process of obtaining citizenship is a little more expensive – $400000. It is for this amount you need to buy property in Saint Kitts and Nevis. After buying just after 4 months, the buyer becomes a citizen of that country, acquiring a passport allowing you to travel without a visa in all Schengen countries and almost all countries of the British Commonwealth, and also to go to Canada, the UK and Ireland. Saint Kitts and Nevis not only requires a stay of the investor in the country, but also releases a new citizen from paying taxes. In addition to the investor's nationality to his spouse, his minor children and parents-pensioners.
Very cheap to obtain Latvian citizenship. Enough to buy a property for 72000 euros (except Riga and Jurmala in these regions should be invested 140000 euros) and you can get a residence permit. However, the nationality of the investor will receive only 10 years, but reside permanently in the country you do not need. But the right of free movement with the Latvian passport only applies to Schengen countries.
Without attachments at all possible to get the citizenship of Australia. But for this we need to have the desire to live and work in the "land of kangaroos" and pass the test of aptitude. Australia gives three possibilities: independent and regional professional immigration and business immigration. For citizenship through the immigration need to score 120 points on a scale of interest in immigrants. Required not only a serious professional training, but also knowledge of English desirable age of 29 years and work experience on a speciality not less than 12 years.
The most basic and cheapest is the citizenship of Belize. Only $ 44000 on economic development and three weeks. That's just great freedom of movement around the world citizenship of Belize does not.
Useful advice
One of the most respected in the world of document – canadian passport – you can get three years and $ 240000, buying at house with the money.
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