If you unique an engineer, a physicist, a chemist, a famous athlete or an oligarch, you have all the chances to go to Canada, Australia or the USA. To get to the United States, it is also possible, winning the lottery, conducted by the country and received a residence permit (Green Card).

It will be easy to relocate the descendants of foreigners. Many countries are now proposing to obtain a residence permit and citizenship by repatriation. The most popular and well-known "consumer" of immigrants is, of course, the state of Israel. If your mom, dad, grandfather or grandmother were Jewish, you will easily get the opportunity to stay in this country. In addition to Israel, the opportunity to emigrate the Jews of Germany provides as compensation for the Holocaust.

If you believe that any opportunities to go on a work visa you have, and the ancestors are descended from the peoples of Russia, you can go as a business migrant. Before a residence permit for osnovany "business" was easy to obtain in the Czech Republic, and this took hundreds of thousands of our compatriots. Then the whole city started talking in Russian, and a business visa to issue almost stopped.

No less popular among immigrants in Spain. It is a country with a great climate and friendly people. However, for the chance to bask under the Spanish sun will have to shell out about thirty thousand euros and compete with the local bureaucrats.

The sweet heart Russian government is, of course, Bulgaria. To obtain a residence permit, opening a representative office of a foreign company or hiring ten citizens of Bulgaria. Visa give willingly, against the Russian-speaking gorgeous, the climate is mild, font Cyrillic, low crime. That is why in Bulgaria resides several hundred thousand Russian citizens.

If you want summer all year round, exotic and adventurous but don't want all this to pay, you can go to Southeast Asia. The most popular among Russian Thailand. So, in Pattaya Russian speech can be heard almost if not more than Thai. The only disadvantage of living in Thailand is the need to cross the border for visa extension. Now competition for Thailand is Cambodia.