Among the best exotic destinations you can select India and Thailand. Most of the budget on the train in those countries will have to spend on the ticket, the rest (accommodation, food, transport and entertainment) cost is very cheap.

In Europe to the most budget countries include Albania and Macedonia, where the average cost of accommodation and meals is approximately twice lower than the European average. But these tourist destinations not yet popular.

Much more attractive to tourists in the direction of Bulgaria. According to Eurostat, Bulgaria is the cheapest country in the European Union. Cheap flights, budget accommodation and low food prices make it the cheapest beach destination.

Second place in the ranking is Romania, Eurostat. Famous for its picturesque landscape, rich cultural program and unique medieval architecture of the country attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. The sea coast of Romania has a very favorable climate. The beaches are clean and well appointed. The local population in Romania and Bulgaria understands Russian speech, this is a great advantage for many tourists.

Those who prefer beach holiday tour you will enjoy the Czech Republic. Old buildings, majestic cathedrals, narrow streets of the old town attract tourists from all over the world, and low prices of tourism services - a nice bonus of this charming country. The budget tours to the Czech Republic - bus. In one round you can also see the other countries, including Poland and Hungary, which will also delight tourists with low prices.

To have tours best in autumn and spring, this time not so hot and crowded, and the price of cheap travel destinations even lower than during the summer season. To save money on a beach vacation, you can take a trip in June and September.