Apply for a visa. For entry into the European Union you will need a Schengen visa. Not many people know that even at this stage you can save. To do this simply find out where in your city is a Consulate of the selected country. On the Consulate's website usually has all the necessary information about the required documents and the time of reception. Independently collect the necessary papers and go to the Consulate. Thus, you will not pay firms to intermediaries for processing.
Decide the mode of transport. Combining several types of transport, you will be able to save. In Europe there are budget airlines that sell tickets on their flights at very competitive prices. However, low-fires fly exclusively in Europe. Unfortunately, the Russian sky is closed for them. So the main task of independent travelers to enter the territory of the European Union.
Make a detailed itinerary of your trip. If you plan to travel from Moscow, you can take a direct train to one of the European capitals. Then change to a plane of low-fire and to reach the destination. Planning the route, learn the schedule, consider how you will get to the airport.
Buy tickets. To find a suitable flight and purchase the tickets using the Internet. First, find out which airlines fly to your chosen country. List of companies Lowe-fires can also be easily found on the web. Then find the official carrier's website and order your tickets.
Book your hotel. Knowing your travel dates, you can start looking for a suitable place to stay. On the Internet there are several major sites for booking hotels. There you can find the very best deals – sometimes hotels reduce the price to 70% provided that the payment will be made immediately after booking.
Another way to save on accommodation is to book a private apartment. In Europe is very developed this kind of accommodation when the local residents for a small fee, provide their apartment. These ads can also be found on the Internet. By the way, except that sometimes flats are much cheaper hotels, you can save on food. Unlike apartments, in hotels are very rare to find a full kitchen. If you want you can eat in the cafe, and to buy products at the nearby supermarket and cook at home.