You will need
  • Personal computer or laptop with DVD/RW, a blank CD/R/RW.
Determine the performance of your car. They can be found in the operating instructions of the device. Depending on the model and features of radio there are various types of recording music files on the disc. May also be different file formats readable by the device of radio, their quality, the maximum possible volume of the recorded files.
If your car has the ability to read only audio CDs, the choice of ways to record audio to a CD for you is rather scarce. In this case, one disc can record only the number of the audio data in which the total duration of all songs will be no more than a certain time. Usually the limit is about 72 minutes.
Use CD-audio blank CD/R disk. You can use either the default Windows application for recording, or a third-party program such as Nero Express. In order to record, you need to insert the disc in the drive and go to the directory of the disk in "My computer". Copy the necessary files to this directory. Please note that full time should not exceed the limit specified on the box blank disc. Copying files in the Explorer window, click write CD. Next you will be asked to rename the files, sort and rename the drive itself. After that, the recording wizard will help you finish the procedure.
If the player supports reading mp3, your opportunities are much wider. The fact that most audio today is distributed in this format. Thus, you do not have to convert files and also to limit the maximum duration time of the tracks on the disc. Files of this format can be written to the disk at maximum size if you need it. As CD/R discs have the maximum amount 702 MB, then the total volume of audio files should not exceed this limit.
Insert the CD/R disk in the drive and open the computer folder on this disc. Copy all the music files into the drive's folder. Follow the complete size of the files. Then click on write data to disk. In this case, you will not be offered those settings that are used to record audio discs, because with such a record mp3-files are interpreted as normal data without the label of "music" or "audio".