You will need
  • computer;
  • - clean the disc.
Music collection long ago migrated from the shelves of vinyl at hard drives and flash drives. This files most often have to "throw" music from my computer onto a disc to then play it with the music center, CD player or car system. If you share this objective, insert a blank disc (blank disc) into the optical drive of the computer and record.
Usually after loaded a blank disk, the operating system displays a dialog box in which the user is offered a choice of several actions. To burn a disc that will play on any MP3-compatible devices, choose the option "Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer". Then select the option using the "CD/DVD", drag and drop music files in the Explorer window and click "burn to CD" to begin recording.
If you need to record a CD with the music player that does not support MP3 format in the dialog box that appears after you load a blank disk in the drive, select "Burn an audio CD using Windows Media player". Open the program and you will be asked to drag with the mouse the music files in the right part of the window. Please note that the recording disk of this type, you are limited in the number of added files – the total playing time of tracks should not exceed 80 minutes. After preparation, click "Start recording".
If after loading the disc in the drive a dialog box with selection options does not appear, double-click on the icon "My computer" and select CD-RW drive (DVD-RW or BD-RW drive). Add in this window the files to burn a data disc (MP3 compatible devices) and go to the recording disk by clicking the appropriate button in the Explorer menu. If you need to record a simple CD, open Windows Media player and follow the steps described in the previous step.