You will need
  • program Alcohol 120%;
  • - clean the disc intended for recording.
The program Alcohol 120% is a good solution for copying, duplication of various discs, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, as well as their subsequent rewriting on a clean disc. So don't be lazy, install it on your computer this app and use it as needed. If you do not want to download additional computer software files that can use a portabl version of Alcohol 120% that does not require installation and registration.
Launch the program by double-clicking the left mouse button on the shortcut on the desktop (it usually appears after the program is installed) or by opening the boot file Alcohol_120__Portable.EXE in the folder with portabl version. Regardless of which version you use, the recording quality is not affected.
Place the disc in the DVD drive. Then on the left side of the main window of the application Alcohol 120% select "Creating images". If necessary, mark one of the points of the copy disc: skip read errors, fast skip error blocks (not any drive) improved scanning sectors, reading subhanallah data from the current disk, the measurement of positioning data. Select the speed of reading. However, if you are not particularly versed in all the nuances of the program, it is best to leave everything without changes, by default. Click "Next" and then redirected to the following page.
Here in the appropriate sections specify the format of the image, image name, its location. For convenience, the program shows how much space is on each disk, so you can better navigate. Click "Start" and wait for the copy process. After it is complete, will automatically open the DVD drive. Remove the copied disk, click "finish" and go to the main window of the program.
Insert it into your computer a blank disk. The mouse, highlight the image that you want to burn to disc. In the left part of the main window of Alcohol 120%, find and click "burn DVD/CD from CD image", then automatically starts the following window. Check the box "Delete image file after recording" or remove it if you plan to leave the image on your hard disk drive, and then click Next. Wait until the disc is written. Then click "Finish" to close the window and exit the program.
If the desired image is not displayed in the main window of Alcohol 120%, use the "Search images". Specify the file format and start the search. When the desired file is located, paste it into the program and burn the image to disk.