You will need
  • - Nero or any other program for burning optical discs
To record mp3 files on a DVD install a specialized program Nero.
Start Nero Express. To do this go to "start", point to "All programs" - "Nero" - "Nero Express".
After the program opens, select "Data", select the sub-item "data DVD". A window will appear "disc Content".
Add your MP3 files to the project. To do this click the "Add" button in the right part of the program. A window opens displaying the file system of the hard disk. Select the desired folders and files and click in the lower right corner of the app similar press "Add". Opens the previous menu, which will display the selected files. As the disk contents will change the sensor at the bottom of the screen that shows remaining disk space.
Press "Next". Opens the preferences window to burn the disc. In the "Current recorder" select the drive. In the field "drive Name" enter a name for the future drive. Select "Allow adding files" if you want to record something at the end of the burn. After completing settings, click "Burn".
Create Audio DVD is different from creating a regular MP3 disc that in select Nero Express in the left part of the window you should highlight the "Music", and the right side to choose the desired format (often "Jukebox Audio DVD"). This disc will play on any DVD player that supports MP3.