To lose weight is possible only at observance of a complex of special measures such as physical activity in combination with a specific diet and beauty treatments. At the moment we will focus only on the proper diet, which should become habitual. All previous experience of mankind shows that the provisional application of diets for weight loss wraps rapid weight gain almost immediately after. So, the ideal figure with no harm to health is, first and foremost, the correct diet, introduced in the habit.

In the fight against excess weight, first and foremost, you must learn the basic rule: the consumption of fats and carbohydrates is reduced to the minimum, the maximum, is given to a squirrel. The daily menu must necessarily include products such as kefir, cheese (preferably low fat), eggs (preferably a pure protein), fish, fillet meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables and herbs, green tea and water in unlimited quantities.

Dream about the ideal figure would be achievable only if you will be able to abandon the following products:

  1. This primarily sweets. Cakes, pastries, candies, biscuits and chocolate are the main enemies of the perfect figure.
  2. The second position in the camp of the irreconcilable enemies of the wasp waist and slender thighs are flour. Of course, it is impossible to exclude from the menu the bread completely, but let it be unleavened bread, bran muffin or a diet of vitamin-enriched bread. But the pastries, cakes, croissants and all kinds of cookies should be removed from the menu.
  3. Extra pounds will increase the fascination of salt, because it retains water in the body. Spices and seasonings will help to make the food less fresh. It will be useful to replace the salt shredded seaweed, of course, this option is not suitable for all recipes.
  4. Should limit the use of oil. And it's not just about butter, because vegetable oil is even more nutritious, because it is pure fat, while butter – fat "diluted". The advantage and use of vegetable oils is the absence of cholesterol, and therefore exclude them from the diet is not followed. Use flax, olive, or almond, but very little, a tablespoon a day would be enough. If you like fried, then use for cooking grill. In salads instead of oil add yogurt with lemon juice.
  5. The ideal shape is an achievable reality only if you will give up sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise.
  6. All have to forget about fast food: not just about burgers, but about your favorite pizza.
  7. Excluded from the diet all kinds of processed foods. Replace them with boiled fowl.
  8. Sweet, carbonated beverages are harmful not only adding unnecessary pounds due to excessive sugar content, there is a lot more then unnecessary and harmful.

If you want to lose weight quickly and never recover, proper nutrition should become an integral habit.

It's necessary to eat often, but portions should not be large. The minimum number of meals a day or 3, ideally 5-6 times. Eating small portions, you will help your stomach to reduce the size. Do not skip meals, otherwise, when you get hungry towards evening, you will break down and sketched myself all in a row.

Keep in mind that Breakfast is the most important meal during the day, do not skip it in any case. It is best if you eat in the morning porridge. Slow carbs it contains, will provide you a feeling of fullness until your next meal.

Each meal Preface a glass of water with lemon juice or a glass of mineral water, you can drink plain water. The stomach will be partially full and you will therefore eat less.

A perfect figure is possible only under condition of a good metabolism, to stimulate his needs, introducing in the diet the proper amount of vegetables and fruits. By the way, you can replace the daily intake of your homemade juices or smoothies.

It is useful occasionally to give your body the fasting days. At this time you can sit on the kefir diet, cottage cheese or Apple.

Following these simple recommendations, in addition to the ideal figure you will receive in perfect health, it would be like a "side effect". Of course, the prize is gorgeous, there is something to be overcome.