First, you need to understand and remember the difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus, which may be present in your blood, but for a long time not to be felt (up to 5-7 years!) If you have a strong suspicion (say, have you had unprotected sexual contact) about the possibility of HIV infection, simply submit to a blood test. Leak disease in the early stages may be completely asymptomatic, but to learn about her needs as early as possible. First, in order to protect others from potential infection, and secondly in time to pick up a special immunotherapy. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that with proper treatment and early diagnosis of HIV the patient can lead a completely normal life like any other healthy person.
However, the blood test you need to pass immediately after potential contamination, and after about 3-6 months. Of course, proper and sufficient for the recognition of the amount of virus can accumulate within a short time, all depends on the case and the individual characteristics of the organism. In some people the virus may already become obvious and after a month, so the best test for HIV three times: the first 1-2 months after potential infection, the second 3, and the last six months. If the latter analysis gives a negative result, live peacefully and continue to be much more careful!
AIDS also is a set of symptoms and all purchased on the background of HIV disease. The person who has passed the stage of AIDS, are subject to rapid development and severe course of even the most common cold, or poisoning. Here are some symptoms that you should pay attention first: do you have a persistent fever, unexplained weakness or fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rash, persistent irritation - all of these symptoms can be symptoms of AIDS. Poor healing of even the most innocuous wound - also an alarming sign, as in immunodeficiency the body virtually loses the ability to recovery.
Of course, you should not panic. All of the above symptoms can be treated, in fact, to any other illness, but to get tested for your own moral peace is clearly worth it! Very often people for fear of Contracting HIV or AIDS earn the whole breakdown, panicking because each jump temperature or slightly enlarged lymph nodes. First of all you should calm down, get tested and to know about potential disease as much as possible. Be healthy!