Will help persuasive arguments

To persuade a girl to stop Smoking is a snap. Much more difficult most young ladies to overcome nicotine addiction, but with the help of a loved one even the smoker with experience will be able to give up cigarettes forever.

First, tell your girlfriend that you hate that she smokes. This argument might work to get the girl thinking about ways of dealing with a bad habit, if nicotine dependence has not yet developed or is not so strong.

Use visual propaganda. Show the girl how she will look in a few years, if you continue to smoke. You can just go to request a page in the Internet or buy a glossy magazine where there are articles about the dangers of Smoking and about the negative effects of nicotine on the appearance of the woman.

Focus on the fact that Smoking is not in fashion and all the stars of film, theater and music have long abandoned bad habits, take care of their health, go in for sports and train intensively. Although more recently, in a secular society many women smoked, now it was considered bad manners.

If your girl wants to take your relationship to a new level is waiting for your proposals of marriage, it's time to say that once she permanently gave up tobacco, you will inform all relatives about your intention to marry and submit an application to the Registrar.

It should explain to your girlfriend that you don't plan to marry someone who smokes. After all, you dream about healthy children, and give birth to them can only be a woman free from nicotine addiction, that is, one that cares about his health and keeps himself in excellent physical shape.

Reconsider your social circle. To persuade the girl to quit Smoking will be much easier if she would stop to chat with Smoking friends, who probably offered her a cigarette with a Cup of coffee or stronger drinks.

Technique of shock therapy

Many girls quit Smoking only after shock therapy. If you say break up, because I can't bear the smell of tobacco and I do not accept that your fiancee was a smoker, not going to connect his life with a woman suffering from nicotine addiction, perhaps this method would be the most effective. And if she values your relationship, really planning to go through life with you hand in hand with you, she unconditionally stop Smoking. And at the stage of rehabilitation is the time to give her friend moral support, to protect her from stress.