For a person to want to quit Smoking, it should in any way stimulate. It can be positive incentive - an expensive gift, or negative, for example, show him pictures of people with throat cancer. By the way, these methods struggle with Smoking in some countries. There is on cigarette packs to depict the black lungs of a smoker or disease of the throat in cross section.
To wean person to smoke, it should be the first thing to get rid of physical dependence. Invite instead of a cigarette to twist in the fingers pen or pencil. In order to avoid temptations, it is better not to go out for a smoke with colleagues, and to break with non-Smoking employees. You need to declare all that a person quit Smoking, he was invited to take over the company.
The next difficulty is the psychological dependence. To fight it much harder. In life people will constantly be faced with situations that encourage Smoking. It's and friendly gatherings in cafes, and a stressful situation at work, and more. And if the past was always on hand cigarette, now we have to replace Smoking with something else. Think that has the same calming and relaxing. Maybe it's a Cup of green tea, a small piece of chocolate, listening to your favorite tunes. Need to find something, does not cause addiction, but a pleasant and always available.
To quit Smoking, you need to act decisively. It is not necessary to replace the cigarette the weaker or reduce their number. In the end, people will break down and will pitch the same way as before. It is better to refuse from cigarettes at all. Need to last at least a week, and then the body will be cleansed from nicotine completely. This means that the physical craving for tobacco will not. There will be only a psychological addiction, which can successfully deal with positive or negative incentives.
If you want to wean the person Smoking try to prove to him that it is harmful. You can talk about the negative impact of cigarette now. Throat cancer in the distant future - the prospect is unpleasant, but quite vague and drawn in time. Recall about the morning "smoker's cough", yellowed enamel and damaged teeth, bad breath. Tell us about how many harmful substances now, today, is in the blood of a manSmoking a cigarette. Proceed gently but firmly. Mention about passive Smoking - maybe this will stop the fuming man. The main thing is to make sure that the smoker wanted to quit. Then you will just have to support the person, to protect him as much from the Smoking company, in a variety of ways to encourage and incentivize everyone to live without a cigarette a day.