Define for yourself why you want to quit Smoking? The more reasons you find, the better.
Write down all the reasons in a notebook, Smoking is more a psychological addiction, so the subconscious mind and psyche play a huge role. Read these notes daily or even several times a day.
Calculate how much you spend per month on buying cigarettes. And in the year? The resulting amount will force you to think once more.
Buy a few books about the dangers of Smoking and carefully reread. Use it will not bring, but you will know that you are not alone in your decision.
Start to quit Smoking is not Monday, today. Immediately force yourself to quit Smoking or gradually you choose, but if you will daily to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by one, nothing out of this exercise will not work. Gradually, this bundle today, tomorrow or ten, the next day or three.
Purchase many small "snacks" – fish, chips, seeds, candy. Good apples, tangerines, fresh carrots, nuts. Constantly chew and drink plenty of fluids, better cold.
Start to do exercises. Physical exercise will give your body the "missing" depletion, which was achieved by the constant introduction of nicotine into the body.
Brush your teeth several times a day, use whitening toothpastes. A couple of weeks your teeth are noticeably whiter, brighter – at least some satisfaction from the lack of cigarettes.
Get ready to get better a few pounds, maybe even ten or fifteen.
Don't train your willpower, leaving cigarettes in her purse. Decided to quit Smoking cigarettes in the garbage disposal!
During the year, try to refrain from drinking. Any degree in the body – a reason to smoke.