As soon as the decision on an exit from hard drinking is accepted, take aspirin, activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight) and try to sleep. During the sleep part of the toxins coming out.
Awake, start drinking a lot of weak sweet tea. Glucose will help to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Coffee in this state is contraindicated. It is better to prefer, in addition to tea, dairy products. If food intake prevents vomiting, drink Nospanum 2 tablets every 3 hours). Continue to take activated charcoal three times a day).
Force yourself to eat, it will accelerate the removal of toxins from the body. The stomach has to work. Using "can't" drink broth (bouillon cubes). Fight vomiting: make a couple of SIPS and stay in real estate, give the broth a little to be absorbed. Be prepared for stress and mood decline. No one promised that to get out of the binge easily.
Valocordin take 20 drops in 1/3 glass of water. Try to distract yourself from the bleak thoughts and possible remorse. You can watch TV, but not news (there is a lot of negativity). Comedy, humor, interviews the doctor, the channel "Culture" is more suitable.
The first day of refusal of alcohol is better to stay in bed. Any physical activity can lead to arrhythmias and even fainting. If by evening you have not touched a drop of alcohol, and vomiting ceased, mentally congratulate yourself with a victory – you have taken the first step on the road to recovery.
On the second day you can get up and start moving. Ventilate the room more you. Can up and down the apartment, but the house has not yet come out (to avoid meetings with friends and other temptations). Drink more water – up to 3-4 liters a day, she will carry remnants of the toxins. Try to eat solid foods – bread, vegetable stew, cheese. Meat is better to refuse.
On the third day you should feel much better. Normalize the diet, eat in a familiar mode. The day will sleep. Do not torment and do not blame yourself, this will not help, but to enter into a deep depression – maybe. It is dangerous. Try to change your thoughts to positive.