In fact, the best and most effective way of removing the person from a long binge is hospitalization. Just a few days, he will be able to leave the narcological dispensary in excellent condition. In this case complicates the situation is the need for the consent to hospitalization of the alcoholic and setting it on the account at the psychiatrist. Perhaps we should call pay for the ambulance or professionals who at home withdraw from binge alcoholic, but it is worth considering that this procedure will get you in a lot of money.
Select the desired time to take action. Wait until he sobers up and feel a strong hangover. This time, when he may wish to stop. In alcoholics, increased blood pressure, so starts the attacks of tachycardia, nausea and vomiting. However, it is impossible to sharply limit his intake of alcohol, can give a little or dilute in a small amount of water.
Bring out the alcoholic in the home of a long binge will help to drink plenty of liquids without caffeine. It can be mineral water without gas, juices, decoctions of herbs or ayran. In order to quickly rid your body of toxins, give drink to the alcoholic activated charcoal (one tablet per 10 kilogram of body weight). Persuade him to eat a small amount of liquid food – warm chicken broth. Although it is not so easy in a state of severe hangover. Spare him from any physical exertion, he is more in bed.
When a patient becomes a little easier, take him for a walk. Let him spend time in the woods or by the river, it will help to improve his condition.
The patient put a cleansing enema with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Ensure consumption of large amounts of vitamin C, it is sold in the form of effervescent tablets, dissolve in water and give to drink. When severe intoxication put intravenous drugs "Reopoliglyukin" (detoxification), "Riboksin" (to maintain the heart muscle) and glucose.