Features of "home hospital"

The process of treating alcoholism at home is a hard and long work, which do not guarantee a hundred percent success. Maximum results can be achieved if the drinker wants to get rid of harmful habits, recognizing the extent of its destructive impact on his life. Receiving special medical drugs prescribed by a doctor for treatment at home, must be carefully controlled – it will have to do someone from the care of close relatives.

If the person does not want to quit drinking, do not despair – it is possible, in this case, it will help the intervention of trained psychologists.

Before treatment by any means at home you need to consult a specialist so as not to hurt people even more. Often drinkers refuse to see a doctor, citing his decision by the absence of problems. In this case, the doctor may ask a relative, the maximum knowledgeable on the health status of the patient. Start treatment at home using drugs bought on the advice from the Internet is strongly not recommended.

The treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

Some recipes of traditional medicine are well established in medicine official. So, if the patient agrees to treatment, you need to take a dry birch logs, sprinkle them with sugar and torch. Raging fire should be put out, to give the patient to breathe the smoke that comes from smoldering logs and pour him a glass of vodka.

Method with birch wood repeatedly caused the complete rejection of alcohol even among the most hardened alcoholics.

Not less effective in people considered to be the following recipe: three tablespoons of aspen bark, root, wormwood and thyme pour in the evening in an enamel pot with three cups of cold water. In the morning boil the infusion on a slow fire for half an hour and strain. Give the patient a decoction three times a day, an hour before the meal, one glass.

Another popular remedy is the tarragon, thyme and zolotisty, mixed with half a liter of vodka in the ratio of 4:1:1. The mixture should infuse for a week, after which give the drinker the person three times a day one tablespoon for three months. The advantage of this tool is that it can be discreetly Cup of tea or any alcoholic beverage.