What happens within three days after quitting Smoking

20 minutes after you last smoked cigarettes will go back to normal blood pressure. 8 hours in 2 times will reduce the level of carbon monoxide in the blood, the oxygen content will return to normal. 48 hours will decrease the risk that will happen a heart attack. Touch and smell will recover to normal values. After three days of bronchopulmonary system will begin to clear from the effects of tobacco use.

Changes in the body after quitting Smoking

After 2 weeks, it'll be better, and every day this feeling will only grow. After about 3 months disappear coughing and wheezing. Lung capacity will start to increase, greatly improve appearance and increase their quality of life.

5 years after quitting, the risk of death from stroke will be the same as for Smoking man. After 10 years the probability of occurrence of cancer will be reduced many times over.

For cleaning the body of nicotine

The man who gave up Smoking, you need to drink as much liquid as possible. This can be plain water, milk and a special herbal teas. A visit to the baths is a required procedure for a former smoker. It is worth a regular intake of antioxidants and vitamin complexes. Using these techniques the body is rapidly cleared from nicotine.