Motivate yourself. Look at pictures with photos of metastases, listen to or read the Allen Carr books, find online the list of celebrities who died from lung cancer, see anti-Smoking documentaries. Search for a motif that will help you on your way to quitting tobacco.
Think about what brings good into your life tobacco. Don't look for the bad, try to find something positive. This is a powerful technique that will help you to see that you have nothing to lose, quit Smoking. And deliver us from the fear of life without cigarettes.
Be sure to plan the day that you officially quit Smoking. This will give you time to prepare mentally and physically, to get used to the idea that he will be the first day of your healthy lifestyle.
Limit contact with smokers. Try to first no tobacco day falls at the beginning of the holiday or at least a long weekend. Not want to tempt yourself and test your will power, being among Smoking colleagues.
Get rid of the cigarettes in the house. From every single one. The desire to smoke not all the time is on the same level. It is unlikely for the time of its peak you will have time to wear jeans and run to the tobacco stall.
Use higher (not less than 100 mg per day) doses of vitamin C during the period of refusal of Smoking. This will make it easier to endure the pangs of withdrawal.
If you are not confident in your willpower, go to the pharmacy. There are a number of drugs, to help you abandon Smoking , for example, the drug Tabex.
Refrain from foods that trigger the desire to smoke. These include spicy food, coffee, alcohol. At the same time include in the diet of more green vegetables, fruits, berries, drink herbal teas and pure water. All this facilitates the withdrawal.
Do not try to drown out the nicotine hunger of improvised means – candy, nuts, chips, crackers, burgers and soup out of the fridge. Nothing but excess weight, it will not. Better drink water. Ordinary clean water or juices. Or herbal teas. And be sure to exercise. This, coupled with proper nutrition, will save you from one danger – the danger of fat after refusal of Smoking.