You will need
  • - screwdriver.
Remove the protective mesh from the front panel of the speakers. In some models by Genius, they are fixed with special latches on the perimeter columns, and in some they are simply inserted in a specially designed connectors. Unscrew all available in your field of view of the fasteners from the back cover "minor" column. It can be recognized by the absence of knobs and switches.
Remove the rear cover from the main speakers - there are already be careful, as it contains additional fastening. Be careful with the wires so you don't have to solder them back.
Loosen the fasteners cover front panel and remove the speakers from the speakers. Be careful not to damage their components. In no case prevent damage to speakers, put them only on a clean, flat surface. Unscrew all the remaining screws, assemble the columns in reverse order.
Please note that, despite the differences in the models of computer speakers Genius and other manufacturers, the scheme of analysis can be quite similar. For example, in the case when you need to disassemble the speakers to the acoustics 5.1 or 7.1, parsing occurs almost also, with some exceptions of features that are inherent in any model.
If your audio system warranty period, read the terms and conditions of the manufacturer, since the analysis of complex household equipment, in most cases, relieve him from the obligations. Also try in this case to complete the disassembly of the device, leaving less traces of mechanical intervention.
If possible, provide a column repair specialists service centers because of failure are not always simple, sometimes Troubleshooting requires certain skills.