You will need
  • Bay leaf, a Cup of pumpkin seeds, hawthorn, oats, sour apples, raw potatoes, honey, milk
At home this problem can be solved with the application of liquors on Laurel leaf or pumpkin seeds. A few Bay leaves or a Cup of pumpkin seeds soak in vodka for a few weeks, and then offered to infusion to the patient. The consequences – vomiting, indigestion will lead to the fact that the body will refuse to take alcohol.
There are other methods, for example, treatment of birch smoke. Birch firewood sprinkle generously with sugar and ignite. Put out the fire, and the patient may get some smoke from it. Then offer him a glass of vodka. He touches the alcoholic beverage.
There are less exotic ways to get rid of alcoholism. Try to brew hawthorn berries (1 tablespoon) in a Cup of boiling water and infuse for two hours with the lid closed, preferably in a warm place. To use the infusion before meals three to four times a day for three tablespoons.
In folk medicine, as an alternative, widely used treatment with oats. It is believed that it softens toxic effect of alcohol on the body. Boil five cups of water 1 Cup of oats or cereal. When you evaporate half of the water, remove from heat and strain. Add milk as much liquid remained after the evaporation and 4 teaspoons of honey. Then boil the broth for 5 minutes. Drink the broth warm half a Cup four to six times a day.
The desire to drink discourage also sour apples and raw potatoes. They need to be consumed not more than 100 g per day. However whichever method of treatment of alcoholism you choose, do not neglect the medical and psychological help. The desire to help a close person get out of trouble doesn't mean he wants to. Coding of a person against his will is useless. Calmly try and explain to the patient why he needs help.