You will need
  • Paper, strong tea brew or strong coffee, frame for drying paper, milk, iron.
The manufacturing of parchment at home is quite problematic, as to get the necessary material and to master this technique will be very difficult, so make imitation parchment. To do this, select the appropriate paper. It should be not too thin and not too dense. Of course, you can take and regular paper for the printer, but the feasibility of this parchmentand it will leave much to be desired. Cheap thin gray paper is also better not to use – it will gather in creases and will be similar more likely to damp the paper than on parchment. Ideally, the paper should be thick enough and a little grainy.
Prepare a solution in which you will stain the paper, giving it a special, yellowish parchment. As a rule, for these purposes, use strong tea leaves or strong coffee. Paint paper is best in the tray, like those used by photographers to display the photos. This tray pour a very strong coffee or tea leaves.
Carefully lower the paper into the liquid and leave it for a while. The longer the leaves sit in the liquid, the better they will stain, but to get too carried away, too is not necessary – only a couple of hours.
Now dry the leaves. If you just lay them out to dry, then they will definitely be wrinkles and bumps. If you are not scared and you need to give the paper a distressed look, then you can leave. If you need a smooth parchment, then gently pull the sheets of paper on a wooden frame that will hold the shape of the paper and not let it be covered with waves.
Thoroughly dry the leaves. If necessary, iron them iron. By the way, if you spray the leaves with milk, dry and then iron on the paper will remain yellow spots that emphasize its similarity with the old.