Advice 1: How to increase your pain threshold

Pain threshold is a measure of patience which can be called the primary terms of the durability of human nature. For each person it is individual, but women are generally more susceptible to pain. From the point of view of the theory of evolution, the threshold of pain is an atavism that has survived to modern man from his ancestors. It is characteristic of all living beings and is in charge of instincts and unconditioned reflexes. But it is possible and necessary to train, if you use some technique. Patience pain as a parameter and the physical and psychological needs to train in both of these planes.
test for resistance
You will need
  • - sports equipment of moderate severity, for example, a kettlebell or dumbbells;
  • Boxing bag or punching bag;
  • - sports pad.
Take a round wooden stick and wrap it with a layer of cotton cloth. The layer of the canvas, select such that when a sufficiently strong blow to the elbow the pain was endurable. Unwind or add a canvas as you need it. Secure it so that it could withstand a lot of punches, not sliding off the stick.
Start hitting yourself first hand how parts of the body most resistant to pain, then the legs, shoulders, back and stomach. Beat so that it hurt a bit. This effect can come gradually, increasing the force of the blows as from workout to workout, and during each of them. The duration of impacts for each area of the body individually choose, but try to keep the total training time was not less than 15 and not more than 30 minutes. After you're done, walk and catch your breath. To further decrease the layer of cloth is not clean at all.
Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and do a set of exercises for the whole body. Movements are completely different. But in the complex must include exercises for legs, abs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, neck. This part of the workout should last at least an hour. Once it's finished, catch your breath and relax.
Go to the bag or the bag and strike with hands and feet. It is necessary to hit not only his fist and legs, but the edge of the palm, wrist, elbow, knee, inner part of the forearm - all the things you are all able to strike. Maintain exercise at a moderate pace. During the Commission exercises follow the breathing Zama breath, when breathing out. Work this way for 10-15 minutes, then relax and proceed to the next final exercise - stretching.
Take to the Mat in any comfortable position for you and start to do stretching exercise. As before they can be completely different. The main thing that was stretched, the maximum number of stacks on all extremities and the spine and neck. After that take a contrast shower and a little walk to assess the work done and recover.
1. Muscle mass is, among other things, a corset, protecting the internal organs. It is less vulnerable to pain, as well as the skin over it, unlike the skin on the bones or fat mass. The stronger the muscles, the higher the pain threshold.
2. Practicing physically, and psychologically you train, enduring pain. Resistance to it can also be obtained, using narcotic or psychotropic substances. For example before surgery. But their frequent use causes irreparable harm. What is more, every taking the effectiveness is reduced and physical exercise and impact exercise give a very long effect.
Useful advice
1. During the beating are careful about the groin, neck and joints. Do not ignore them, but don't hit too hard;
2. Apply strokes so as not to get injured. To do this, in contact with the pear strain hitting a body part and squeeze the fingers.
3. When you perform stretching to achieve the effect of pain, but make sure that it was not excessive.
4. Hot and cold shower also coached the threshold of pain. Therefore, from case to case make it more contrasting.

Advice 2: How to determine pain threshold

To live with the pain or sometimes even to experience it does not like, probably none. But that pain helps us to better understand their own condition and gives a warning signal if something is wrong. If you carefully about your health and prefer to control it, better to know your pain threshold. This will help to make objective measures and time to react to a critical situation.
How to determine pain threshold
Complete a study on the dolorimeter. Scientists have invented this wonderful device especially for measuring the pain threshold of the person. The study is conducted on the most delicate area of the skin, usually between toes or hands. The patient is exposed to electric current or high temperature. To burn with a hot iron and beat you to a strong level, of course, no one will, but some discomfort you may be experiencing. This device measures the magnitude of the impact at which you begin to feel the pain, then the boundary within which you are able to endure. After completing research on the dolorimeter specialist can with certain accuracy to refer you to one of four groups of sensitivity to pain. Unfortunately, algesimetry – a rarity. And if you want to be examined for this device, you need to work hard, just to find the clinic where he is.
The threshold of pain for everybody. That's why it's important to be able to determine how exactly you susceptible to pain. Please refer to their memories. Some children start crying for no reason, while others fall, flicking stones with skinned knees, and continue to run, not even a squeak. Analyze their attitude to physical and mental pain and try to classify themselves into one of four susceptibility groups pain (very low pain threshold, low, medium and high).
Make allowances for your condition. Scientists have proved that at different times of day, under the influence of different emotions, and depending on the condition of the body pain threshold of one and the same person can vary greatly. So, if you're in love, shouldn't be measuring their own pain tolerance, because your body is influenced by hormones of happiness – endorphins. The pain threshold in this condition is significantly increased. But if you have depression or are you feeling sick, pain sensitivity rather increases, and one can experience a rather unpleasant sensation due to the fact that in ordinary life, never caused even tickling.
Pain threshold is significantly increased under the influence of alcohol, drugs and cold. It is therefore imperative to carefully observe his condition and draw attention to any changes, if you drank too much or for a long period of time were in the cold.
Useful advice
If you have a low pain threshold – it does not mean that you have something wrong. Each person is different, and reaction to pain is also individual for everyone. Just keep in mind its sensitivity during trips to the dentist or doing active sports.
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