You will need
  • - sports equipment of moderate severity, for example, a kettlebell or dumbbells;
  • Boxing bag or punching bag;
  • - sports pad.
Take a round wooden stick and wrap it with a layer of cotton cloth. The layer of the canvas, select such that when a sufficiently strong blow to the elbow the pain was endurable. Unwind or add a canvas as you need it. Secure it so that it could withstand a lot of punches, not sliding off the stick.
Start hitting yourself first hand how parts of the body most resistant to pain, then the legs, shoulders, back and stomach. Beat so that it hurt a bit. This effect can come gradually, increasing the force of the blows as from workout to workout, and during each of them. The duration of impacts for each area of the body individually choose, but try to keep the total training time was not less than 15 and not more than 30 minutes. After you're done, walk and catch your breath. To further decrease the layer of cloth is not clean at all.
Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and do a set of exercises for the whole body. Movements are completely different. But in the complex must include exercises for legs, abs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, neck. This part of the workout should last at least an hour. Once it's finished, catch your breath and relax.
Go to the bag or the bag and strike with hands and feet. It is necessary to hit not only his fist and legs, but the edge of the palm, wrist, elbow, knee, inner part of the forearm - all the things you are all able to strike. Maintain exercise at a moderate pace. During the Commission exercises follow the breathing Zama breath, when breathing out. Work this way for 10-15 minutes, then relax and proceed to the next final exercise - stretching.
Take to the Mat in any comfortable position for you and start to do stretching exercise. As before they can be completely different. The main thing that was stretched, the maximum number of stacks on all extremities and the spine and neck. After that take a contrast shower and a little walk to assess the work done and recover.