Cooperate with parents whose children completed the school year with your child. Alone to engage in sales might not be as effective. Agree that you will sell textbooks "wholesale" — all at once in one hand to save time.
Make a catalog of books. Note the title, author, year of publication, publisher. Count the total number of books of each title.
Define pricing policy. To do this, find out the prices of similar new textbooks and make allowances, which may attract parents who want to save money. If there are any second-hand shops, look at the price of and there to in conversations with customers, confidently state that offer favourable conditions.
Place schools announcement for parents that there is a way to save money on buying textbooks. Ideally, a list should be placed on the Internet to interested buyers did not ask the phone questions. Before posting in another school announcement, will receive the approval of administration: explain that you are the parents, not the vendor wishing to advertise their services.
Do not rely on one ad, spend a lot of work to get the result. Maybe you will find buyers in their school, but someone wants to buy new books, while others order books via the usual sellers, etc., so proceed in all directions. To you a few months didn't bother with phone calls, specify in the ad only site address with a list of textbooks. When all sell, remove from the site contacts.
Collect bids and sell books. Let the person you are looking for a wholesale buyer who will purchase textbooks for the entire class. Parents or teachers can organize the collection of money and take all that is available.