You will need
  • - pipette;
  • - warm solution;
  • - a cotton swab.
Thoroughly clean the ear canal from sulfur with a cotton sticks before using drops. This is especially important to do if the accumulation of sulfur blocks the lumen of the auditory canal. However, remember, you cannot enter q-tip in the ear canal deeply. First, there is a risk of damaging the eardrum, the patient may not even notice because of the presence of severe pain. Second, when a large accumulation of sulfur can promote her even deeper, causing blockage.
Before the instillation of drug in the ear heat up solution. To do this, place the bottle in a container of warm water or hold it for a few minutes in hand. Drops of a suspension be sure to shake their texture was smooth. During drug administration the person should lie on his side, his head turned a sick ear up.
If drops in the ear need to drip a small child under two years old, pull the ear back and down. An adult, on the contrary, you should pull the ear up and back. This is due to the anatomical structure of the ear canal in adults and children. Failure to follow this technique, the ear canal is not straightened to a sufficient extent that will prevent the release of the drug to the inflamed areas.
Type drug into a clean pipette, previously scalded with boiling water, and enter it in the ear canal to a depth of not more than 0.5 cm Then drip as many drops of the drug, how much is recommended by the attending physician or specified in the instructions.
Few know how to get get ear drops correctly, you need to take action to pharmacological agent from leaking out of the ear canal. To do this, press the tragus, and hold it in this position for a few minutes. Of pure cotton swab and make them close the ear canal. Only after that the patient can get up. Cotton swab remove ear about 20 minutes - enough time for processing the passage.
Remember that each drug has several contraindications. Therefore, use for treatment of the patient ear medications prescribed by the attending physician.