You will need
  • - ear drops;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - hydrogen peroxide.
In advance, remove the drops from the fridge to bury the cold drug in the ears is undesirable. You can warm the tool in warm water (warm to boiling water is impossible), but make sure that the bottle was well closed, otherwise water gets inside and drops will come in a state of disrepair. Until they warm up a bit, do some cleaning of the ear canal.
Clean the ear with cotton swab, and if you have a selection of pus or too much sulfur, then rinse with hydrogen peroxide. It softens out all the deposits and exposes them. After washing thoroughly remove residual peroxide from the ear with a cotton swab.
Lie on your right side and insert the drug. A little massage the ear. In a similar way insert the other ear. Even if the inflammatory process in one ear passage, bury need both since they are linked. If you used a hot drop, then put the cotton wool that the tool does not escape, but the warming effect was increased.
If you dig ear a young child, be very careful. Do not clean the ear canal with a cotton swab, as you may damage the eardrum. Follow the dosage drops. Carefully read the instructions before using the product.