You will need
  • Drops, sterile pipettes, cotton-gauze materials
When are you going to use ear drops, preheat them to 36-37 °C. the droplets are injected with a sterile pipette-dispenser, which is attached to the medication or if there is no dropper, you can use a small spoon.
Before burying, people should take a comfortable position, lying down or sitting, so that the ear into which dripped the drops was on top.
The ear canal is cleaned with a cotton pellet, if necessary. Immediately before administration of medication, drip drop myself on the back of the hand, it is necessary to control temperature drops. If everything is in order, then the left hand, pull the earlobe to the side and top, second hand, enter the desired number of drops drip into the outer ear campaign. Enter in ear cotton swab, which will prevent the expiration of drugs out. And ask your patient to remain lying down for another ten minutes or slightly longer.
If you want to drip drops in the eye, then you definitely will need a sterile pipette, preferably with a rounded end. If the medication is kept in the fridge, take him out at least two hours prior to manipulation.
Eye drops can a person who lies without a pillow or sitting with a slightly upturned head.
The pipette with the prepared medicine take in your right hand. To the left take a gauze swab and use it to pull the lower eyelid down. At this point, your patient should look up. Pipette angled at 45 degrees to the lower eyelid, enter no more than two drops of medication in the subconjunctival bag closer to his nose.
Ask the person to close his eyes and blot excess drops with a swab at the inner edge of the eye.
The simplest drip drops in the nose. Before digging it is necessary to clean the nasal passages. For example, to blow his nose. The procedure can be performed lying without a pillow or a patient, when your patient is sitting, his head thrown back and slightly bowed to her shoulder, to the side of the nostril where will burrow drops.
Slightly lift the tip of the nose of the patient, and then it needs to enter the number of drops in the lower nostril with a pipette. After that one should push the wing of nose to the nasal septum, for a better distribution of drugs through the mucosa.
After one or two minutes the procedure is repeated with the other nostril.