Which doctor can treat varicose veins

Phlebologist is a doctor of narrow specialization, his expertise includes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various pathologies of the veins. To the doctor-phlebologist should be contacted to treat the following diseases: varicose veins, congenital vascular anomalies, varicose veins pelvic, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis internal. It is recommended to visit a specialist regularly even when no signs of disease because it can identify the disease at a very early stage.

For medical assistance, you can contact a multidisciplinary urban medical institutions or clinics. To enter for a free reception to the doctor-phlebologist, you need to visit the local therapist. It needs to make a referral to a specialist. In the absence of a phlebologist in the state institutions should sign up to the angiosurgeon (the vascular surgeon), who provides diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and prevention of surgical diseases of the blood vessels. With varicose veins you can also contact the Department of paid services of the hospital or in one of the medical centers which are experts in vascular disease.
Phlebology is one of the divisions of vascular surgery.

How is the treatment of varicose veins

At the first appointment, the doctor conducts examination of the patient, appoints the necessary tests: Doppler, duplex scanning, computed tomography and x-ray contrast study of the blood vessels, clinical and biochemical blood tests, gemostaziogramma. The Clinician should develop an individual program of therapy. Varicose veins can be assigned several types of conservative therapy of disorders such as: medications, compression garments, physiotherapy, correction of diet and lifestyle, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), radiofrequency therapy.
For the treatment of small varicose veins can be sclerotherapy, in vein entered the special substance that "glues" the vessel and deducing it from the system flow.

Surgery for varicose veins is given in the extreme, neglected cases. To surgical methods of treatment of the disease is phlebectomy and miniphlebectomy, as well as endovenous laser treatment (EVLT). They are aimed at the removal of the affected veins and to exclude them from the bloodstream. The doctor may combine several types of treatment. In the process of conducting complex therapy sometimes requires correction, so the patient must be under the supervision of the same specialist.